1. This show is fuckn hilarious on podcast but even funnier when I rehear it but watch it on YouTube. These comedians on the stage are even more hilariously roasted when you see it

  2. definitely one of my favorite road episodes. Everyone made me laugh.

  3. Fuck yes kill Tony with fail punishments voted for by crowd and or judges. Do it. Netflix. just do it

  4. Is it me or are Jeremiah and Joel way funnier on the road?

    Holy shit they murdered this entire show

  5. its pretty funny that these clowns rip on grand rapids, because they never heard of it. even though almost all the money in michigan is in grand rapids. congratulations tony and redban, you look like complete fucking fools again. bravo.

  6. Well, well.. pleasant surprise.. nice one KT on the uploads..

  7. I love how the waitstaff person sauntered onstage to insert herself in an unimportant side about the dudes fake id. who does that? if i were tony, i'd read her the riot act after the show.

  8. tony must be drunk. what kind of question is "what have you done on mushrooms" um, trip on shit?

  9. I had such a great time at the Lansing show! Thanks for coming to Michigan kill tony crew!

  10. Jus google mapped livonia from detriot. the border of detriot is like touching livonia…kid wasn't lying.

  11. How the fuck do I watch the standup show they always talk about

  12. Redban you hella cringe my dude so props to you for ignoring all the haters and going in strong to every new podcast without a care in the world that you about to do some cringe shit 10x that night <3

  13. Jeremiah Watkins is so fucking funny so why does The Wave suck so bad? Jeremiah is smart, funny, and quick but The Wave is worse than a drunken bachelorette bar crawl.

  14. Patty Reagan left and it made the show a lot better. I think Brian is the next person that needs to go to make the show better

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