Khabib vs McGregor – Post-Fight Analysis – Coach Zahabi


  1. How much did Khabib weigh when he stepped in the Octagon?


    Khabib looked 15 pounds heavier.

  2. I feel that the rules now favor the grappler. The 12 to 6 elbow used to stuff many takedowns and sometimes finished the fight. Up kicking to the face was also a great defense against a grappler. Elbows and and knees are good weapons on the floor and no more dangerous than when standing.

  3. That was a well planned terrorist attack by Ali Abdul Aziz. Khabib's attack on Team McGregor & Dillon was used to create a distraction to draw all the security to himself, leaving Conor vulnerable to an ambush attack. Facts.

  4. McGregors camp underestimated khabibs ability to close the distance, rematches should happen only if the fight was close, there are lots of other guys Conor can fight, lee, Diaz or Tony would all be great fights to see

  5. I've been scouring the net for analysis all day, waiting for coach Zahabis. None can compare. Great stuff

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