Khabib vs. McGregor Immediate Rematch? | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

At UFC 229, Conor McGregor lost to light champion Khabib Nurmagomedov rather handily. Already there’s talk of an immediate rematch. Is that a good idea? Here are two reasons why it isn’t.

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  1. Conor fought dirty throughout the whole fight. illegal knee, low kick to Khabib balls, holding the gloves 3x, toes in the fence 3x, grabbing the shorts 2x. it was very surprising to see such dirty tactics coming from Conor.

  2. Not interested seeing the rematch. The eagle 🦅 vs the chicken 🐓. No way anymore!

  3. I think they found the remedy for Conor's left hand. Conor landed a few and is still dangerous but they definitely found something.

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