Khabib vs. McGregor Immediate Rematch? | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas


  1. McGregor's whole team went to beat Khabib
    Khabib went alone to beat Conor's whole team #UFC

  2. the only way of conor mcgregor to beat khabib is: asking abdulmanap khabib's father and his mastermind to tell him the weakness of khabib or ask him to train conor how to grapple properly and maintain combat sambo takedowns. not drinking whiskey until get drunk and bragging everywhere with camera on you. shame on you coner

  3. ALDO was a champion hadn't lost in ten years and he didn't get a rematch but a challenger who got dominated does the ufc is starting boxing look like the less corrupt of the two what a fooking joke

  4. Khabib is a bull ant. He slapped Conor. Had conors tongue hanging out red faced and sadly slumped in the corner a well beaten ass.

  5. Luke Thomas, clearly yet another mouthpiece for the cover up on this video.

    Conor left his stand up skills in the locker room because he was ordered to lose this match by the UFC bosses so they could make another killing on the rematch. When the rematch comes, and Conor brings his stand up game to the fight, Khabib will get KO'd like he should have been in the first match. Get off the idiot train folks, and stop acting like Kahbib beat Conor. This was not a genuine fight, but more of a poorly staged effort for a rematch.

  6. There's a good reason why Conor is forcing for an immediate rematch. He's looking for big money fights because I think he's aware his luck run its course, and not even his fans will want to see him fight if he loses another two or three fights… it's all about the money. If he was in it for the long run, he would take one or two easier fights first and take some time to work on his skills.

  7. It was domination if it wasn't rounds McGregor never gets to his feet again an is broken into pieces

  8. rematch is for a close fight. a bloody war resulting in a split decision or something.
    instead conor got clipped standing up (LOL), smashed on the ground while being trashed talked to (as expected), cheated 4 times (and got away with it), and still tap to neck crank. Ragin Al on a 1-day notice performed better. delusional tap machine lost brain cells thinks he won the battle LOL. Get back in line conor. Tony deserves the title shot. If not, then GSP.

  9. Trash talking is fine before a fight! But sorry Luke, when you bring a mans country, religion, and family into the mix, that's crossing the line! Conor crossed the line with that kind of trash talk, then got mauled! Lets not forget that Conor jumped in the ring and attacked a ref, and Dana gave him a pass!

  10. Listen. I can sit here all day listing fantastic reasons why an immediate rematch is pointless and unwanted. But it's going to fall on deaf ears. McGregor will get what he wants because that's how business is run in the UFC. The only bright side to this idiotic idea of a rematch is it means Khabib's punishment will be light and he won't be stripped of his title. I'll take it.

  11. Luke thinks because he knows the names of MMA techniques it makes him an expert there's a reason he doesn't fight but instead just talks about it instead

  12. The reason you shouldnt make the tony khabib fight they missed it 4 times already they are scary

  13. Conor did better against Khabib than he did against Nate Diaz, that’s reason enough to have a rematch.

  14. And please stop saying that Conor takes a loss well. No it’s more humiliating to say nice things after the fact.

  15. I think they found the remedy for Conor's left hand. Conor landed a few and is still dangerous but they definitely found something.

  16. Not interested seeing the rematch. The eagle 🦅 vs the chicken 🐓. No way anymore!

  17. Conor fought dirty throughout the whole fight. illegal knee, low kick to Khabib balls, holding the gloves 3x, toes in the fence 3x, grabbing the shorts 2x. it was very surprising to see such dirty tactics coming from Conor.

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