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After his UFC 229 win over Conor McGregor, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has been active on social media and even challenged undefeated boxing star Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather responded to Nurmagomedov. While a bout between them seems unlikely, it’s worth unpacking what the callout means.

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  1. Since Khabib dont care about money Maywather can KO him and took 90% of money split. King of the jungle,but still in the jungle

  2. Ehh this is reaching. I could see one more Floyd vs mma fighter matchup but I dont think ppl would keep the interest going for 3 more of them. Media acts like it's so crazy and aggregious yet they push these crazy fights more than anyone

  3. if this is what you love doing it doesnt look like it so you are either confused and haven´t found what you love or you are empty inside

  4. Adrien Broner challenged Nate Diaz before May-Mac. I wouldn't mind seeing that at all. Conor vs. Paulie is the fight I really want to see tho.

  5. Floyd is retired guys so he is now a Businessman and MMA is hotter than Boxing rn so i get what Mayweather is long as they don't fight for belts i'm ok with it it's entertainment

  6. This is what happens when a radio show host runs out of news to talk about in his field.

    Dana White will never give Khabib the same amount of freedom he gave Connor. Plus this fight is simply boring AF.

  7. Disreputable?

    Frankly genius. Fighting no stakes exhibition matches for 200 million each? Its the exact position every professional fighter, no, shut up, EVERY PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER, wants to be in.

  8. Khabib wouldn't be able to draw anywhere near what McGregor does, and he was joking.

  9. MMA media so desperate theres no reason Khabib vs Floyd should be a serious discussion when it an obvious joke

  10. I only want to see it because it'll go 12 rounds. Khabib won't get tired, he will lose the BOXING match.. but not in fashion like McG did.. and make up the money the vegas comission won't pay him. Do it in the garden, but you know Floyd owns Vegas.. so that won't happen.

  11. Cardio and chin. I think khabib would do better then Conor imo, still lose.. but better fight.

  12. Khabib doesn’t have star power. His profile has gone up but people do not care about him in the same way as Conor(positive and negative).
    This is stupid

  13. Oh boy oh boy Luke… you getting ridiculous. It was clearly a joke, did you even watched that video? How can somebody cover MMA fpr a long time and at the same time have absolutly no clue about personality of the stars of the sport? Khabib is jocking around ALL THE TIME – that's how he is

  14. There's one reason it's not gonna happen. It's because Khabib wouldn't sell out for money like Conor. He won't do boxing match with Mayweather when he knows he is gonna lose. And Mayweather won't do MMA as everyone knows he will get mauled. It's just a PR show by Mayweather's team. keepin him in headlines.

  15. I can’t believe you wasted 10mins on this. It was definitely Conor being the best boxer in the UFC, Khabib is a wrestler. Frankly you’re talking down to the American people acting like there so uneducated they wouldn’t know the difference. There is something public figures tend to do, you guys get so jaded about people being stupider than you that you publicly start calling your own fans idiots. Calling non-mma fans “donks”, I’m embarrassed as an mma fan that you’re representative of me treating the general public in such a way. I’m unsubbing because that’s the little I can do.

  16. Conor vs Mayweather again? Who the fuck want to see that and pay for it. After that lose to khabib no one will pay to see Conor vs mayweather again.

  17. Khabib was joking and so was Floyd. Pretty sure it was all in fun.

  18. He is still rubbing salt into everyone's cool aid with Connor!!! haha Brilliant Khabib!!!

  19. Its the MMA fighters that are calling him out. Lol! I wouldn't give a fuck either. Lol

  20. So Mayweather is now assigned the job of testing every UFC lightweight champion at boxing

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