Khabib Threatens UFC Over UFC 229 Brawl | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov took to Instagram on Thursday to express his disapproval with the dismissal of his teammate Zubaira Tukhugov for brawling with Conor McGregor at UFC 229. While many can sympathize with Nurmagomedov’s anger, this continued onslaught of UFC stars being angry at the UFC is as worrying as it is bad for consumers.

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  1. Dana White pacifies Conor and turned the UFC into the Jerry Springer Show.

  2. The man the myth and possibly and just quite possibly the legend. Luke T town Thomas

  3. I went to Mc Tappy ciber city, and seems like the city has been evacuated. Or,.. they were wiped out by a virus. Crickets city is the new name.

  4. The ufc should have punished Conor; now they punish Khabib’s teammate… what Conor did was WAY WORSE… Conor punched Khabib’s brother FIRST up on the cage. It is not fair. The UfC encourages this stuff, and then they punish whoever they feel. Not fair.

  5. Is there a fighters union the way MLB has a players union? Seems like that could help.

  6. What time is it??? Time for a new CEO, donee a great job up to Conor entering then rules change.. now double standards for big money fighters is harming the sport in soooooooooo many ways…. Dana steps down and we move on…. new rules no family or religion to be mentioned (like most sports). Any attack or assault outside the ring = 6months. Or what ever, just some fairness back in the game…. pay the fighters what they are worth not trying just make up the $4B they bought it for…. my 2 cents worth…

  7. Conor McGregor hires "excellent legal representation" and skates for multiple big crimes, and you're not mad about that? Other people are mad, and they should be. Conor McGregor's victims would have done serious jail time for his crimes, because they aren't rich. It's unjust.

  8. Can we really blame top dogs for holding UFC hostage? I mean that's what happens when there is no system in place. Either you become a big dog who can sell PPV, and make demands to get what you want. Or you become a kiss ass who does everything to remain in the good graces of Dana, and hope that he gives you what you want.

    Look at what's happening with Stipe right now. Don't you think he wants to make threats right now after seeing "Cormier vs Lewis" title bout staged for next month? I mean it's just ridiculous.

    It's just my uninformed, and stupid opinion. But I think Dana, & UFC are focusing so much on money fights, that they are willing to risk aggravating/losing long term UFC fans, over short term profit margins. I think they've figured that if they can increase the PPV by 50-100k, at the risk of pissing off a couple hundreds, or even thousands of hardcore fans. Then it's not much of a difficult choice to make.

    I mean it makes a lot of sense in the short run. Especially if you're trying to capitalise on once in a lifetime MMA superstar like Conor McGregor. But trying to make every main event Big money fight, instead of the right fight might eventually comeback to bite you. But then again, Dana & co. built this sports from the ground. And they aren't idiots like me. They are really really smart folks, just in general. So, what do I know.

  9. The eagle is real gangster. He sits in bus. Then smash you. Then smash your friends. Next smash ufc bull shit

  10. I guess everyone was wrong saying "No way has Conor got into Khabib's head" lol. Khabib is way more immature than he lets on…

  11. The UFC brass should fire Dana, he's mucking up the organization with his fool bans and punishments to some but not for others!!

  12. The Russian fighters can not bitch or blame anybody but themselves, the melee they caused is exactly why they are being punished, and plus they need to worry that they can get visas to come back to fight anyways. I think they will be denied visas to come back.

  13. how can one expect a multi billion dollar corp to possess so much as an head of a pin sized moral or ethical ground to stand on

  14. Khabib is trying to change the game here, as a hardcore fan I respect him for that. He wants the fighters to be treated equally. He feels Conor is using his name to do whatever he wants.

  15. Mma don't have any problem. Corruption of ufc does. Khabib just set begging of the and of ufc.
    And just so you know. I'm from Ireland. Conor is coward. Conor knew he will lose but still made fans believe he will win so he could take they money. Conor as his grandpa living of stealing from his own.

  16. As long as the UFC acts like everything is someone else's fault and they are outraged, when the truth is they cheer leaded it from the beginning there will be no end. Khabib did the right thing, he doesn't need the UFC, no one does.
    If the NJSAC does anything they didn't do to Conor (nothing) to Khabib then who gives a fuck. If the UFC falls who cares? There are lots to take their place. The funny part is that Conor sucked. lost every round and tapped to a non choke like the pussy he is. He tapped in the first Diaz fight and ran like a chicken in the second. The hype is over.

  17. Khabib can leave the UFC today and get a fat contract with Bellator tomorrow.

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