JRE MMA Show #45 with Justin Wren & Rafael Lovato Jr.


  1. Joe “Connor knows how to back it up”reality.. Connor lost his first title defender.

  2. Wasn't much bullying in my highschool, but grade school kids are vicious cunts. I remember tuning a couple up lol.

  3. I don’t like the idea of limiting speech because someone is acting violently. In fact escalate the speech. Fuck those weak people that get hurt by words. How about we stop the violence or at least keep it in the ring.

  4. i disagree with joe, khabib had a fight or something a couple of years ago, and conor is respectful post fight but this time it was nuts both ways

  5. No one even thinks about how the things would look now and would happen If Conor managed to get over the cage and also the other guy.. It could be a completly diffrent story..

  6. All this 'Dagestan doesn’t fuck around' and 'Russia is about real respect' shit annoys me. Guess what, the UFC is a mainly US sport, with strong connections in Western Europe and South America. If people don’t respect the rules of the organisation then they can go fuck themselves. I’d respect Khabib more if he just said 'that little Irish prick and his entourage insulted me, so I fucked them up'. Instead he hides behind this family shit while rimming Putin and that weird man child Chechnyan President.

  7. Conor McGregor chose to go beyond professionalism and make his "Hype Talk" personal. McGregor chose topics that wouldn't just go away after the fight ends and Conor deserved every bit of what happened to him. Western Society harbors antagonists to humanity, racist, sexist, enablers, domestic terrorists, rotten citizens who make excuses for Conor McGregor claiming "It's just words". Western Society makes a big deal about "BULLYING" which can be "just words" and people have a HUGE PROBLEM with that. Millennials make a big deal about Cyber Bullying which can be solved simply by turning OFF the computer but people still get held to repercussions of WORDS. Western Society knows good and well they're conditioned to respect their managers, boss or superior regardless of disagreement in fear of repercussions for being disobedient. Western Society is conditioned by their own environment of interacting with people of all walks of life, some in distress with a short fuse. People don't just openly disrespect strangers FREE OF CHARGE but yet they try to desperately run with this "Freedom Of Speech" immunity narrative. Western Society knows good an well people have gone to jail for comments encouraging others to injure themselves even though "IT'S JUST WORDS". Nobody has to follow through with actions from those words, but it's still considered a serious issue by Western Society standards so it's odd people who live among such a society CHOOSE to neglect consequences for words knowing repercussions is apart of their culture through many aspects of their society. Notice the continuity is broken with the whole "It's just words" crap passive people hide behind to lessen their disappointment of witnessing Conor get destroyed in the worst way.

  8. Lovato jr and sr are awesome. Sr was the man who helped me discover my love for bjj and I had the privilege of learning from him for 2 years.

  9. Ever gonna mention Khabib's connections to dangerous oligarchs and thugs? There was a great video looking into it that got mysteriously taken down…

  10. Connor was making fun of his religion…WHO GIVES A FUCK?? Why does everyone dance around offending Muslims? Religions get made fun of all the time in America but as soon as someone even says something remotely disparaging about Islam those subhumans go crazy?
    ALL abrahamic religions are shit, Islam needs to culturally and socially progress.

  11. If El Cucuey does not get a fucking title shot. Hardcores are going to be fucking HEATED. McGregor NEVER gives rematches! That son of a bitch will get killed by Khabib again. He got absolutely dominated. He eekeda questionable 3rd round only because Khabib was literally tired of kicking his fucking ass all over that cage lol. And this time I hope he gets damaged for fucking good. It's time to get the rankings back in order, and quit allowing this guy to continually fuck the true lineage up. For all that is good in humanity Dana put that fight on. Its time. #andnew

  12. LOL at Khabib being very respectful. He never tries to embarrass his opponents during a fight.

    Rogan really clinging to that narrative.

  13. Always knew Joe Rogan was a shill but the way he immediately switched positions on condemning Khabib for what he did to putting no blame on him what so ever makes me feel sick. He was obviously shooken up in the interview, talking over Dom and sweating like he was about to shit his pants and now he comes out and says it was like nothing to him. Disgusting. Rogan has no honor and shows fake respect to Khabib out of fear for his casual fans.

  14. Man i really wish that bellator would succeed. UFC has no real competition and that is giving Dana White the privilege to do whatever he wants.

  15. Why is Joe repeating shit that didn’t happen? Dillon screaming shit at Khabib is Rogan’s new moon landing.

  16. If they make Khabib vs Conor 2, then Ferguson vs GSP for the inaugural 165 lb belt would be a perfect way to introduce the division. Put both title fights on the same March 16th ppv, St. Paddy's weekend at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas 🙂

  17. – MMA is High level problem solving with dire physical consequences
    – Pull that Sh*t up Jamie
    – How dare you
    – 11-hydroxy metabolite
    – It’s Entirely Possible
    – Powerful!
    – Good googly moogly
    – He got jacked, son J J J J J J Jaaacked
    – Have you tried The Reverse Hyper?
    – I eat kimchi and drink kombucha everyday
    – I used to be addicted to Quake
    – We live in strange times
    – Silly bitches
    – Be the hero of your own story

  18. “So how do you train for a 6 month walk?” – joe

    Wtf you walk a lot come on joe

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