JRE MMA Show #45 with Justin Wren & Rafael Lovato Jr.


  1. “So how do you train for a 6 month walk?” – joe

    Wtf you walk a lot come on joe

  2. – MMA is High level problem solving with dire physical consequences
    – Pull that Sh*t up Jamie
    – How dare you
    – 11-hydroxy metabolite
    – It’s Entirely Possible
    – Powerful!
    – Good googly moogly
    – He got jacked, son J J J J J J Jaaacked
    – Have you tried The Reverse Hyper?
    – I eat kimchi and drink kombucha everyday
    – I used to be addicted to Quake
    – We live in strange times
    – Silly bitches
    – Be the hero of your own story

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