JRE MMA Show #44 with John Kavanagh & George Lockhart


  1. Conor got hit in the ring because he hit Khabib’s cousin when he hopped up on the cage with a cheap shot. Videos don’t lie. His act back fired big time. Insulting people’s family, religion and kids was a disgrace.

  2. I am a novice when it comes to mma. But from watching the fight, I honestly don't see how mcgregor could ever beat this guy. No matter how many rematches. It didn't look close at all. It looked like McGregor was hanging on for dear life every second of this fight. Does it really come down to strategy if the opponent appears to outclass you on almost every level? Is there any amount of time for McGregor to prepare for someone like khabib to actually win?

  3. Who all caught last JRE mma podcast with Brendan Shaub? He nailed it when he said I will not attend UFC 229 cause he felt it will get to crazy during the Connor vs Khabib fight cause of the craziness.

  4. what George is saying seems like a load of bs, but how are his atheletes performing? If he's getting good results, i have no problem with him being in the UFC

  5. Sounds like Joe pulled a guy off the street and told him hey we're gonna pretend you're a top nutritionist and weight cutting expert, do as best as you can to seem legit. LOL

  6. so khabib has been doing the same thing over and over, why hasnt anyone countered it? if it can be done. Why not do it back to him?

  7. Guy in the white has no idea on nutrition or weight cutting. The other coach has no idea for fighting. No wonder Conor got so gassed out after 2minutes into the fight. No wonder he got absolutely destroyed in that fight.

  8. 45 minutes in and Joe talked to Kavanagh for about 5 mintes at the start. All Lockhart since.

  9. Joe,Joe…i have lots of respect in your expertise, but saying Al was like God against Khabib compared to Conor ….you serious?
    You know I know that you know… Khabib was sparing with Al ,Khabib was playing with Al… Khabib didnt put even 10% performance from the performance against Conor. For you to say Al was much better then Conor against Khabib was premature statement. You are better than that.

  10. I'm glad Joe questioned this guys' credentials (like a good interviewer would). It's obvious he doesn't have any, other than 'Well I was in the Marine Corp once…..'

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