JRE MMA Show #43 with Brendan Schaub


  1. Fcuking Schaub… just when I'm used to him irritating me every 10 minutes he stands up for Ray Borg and walks the walk… no more mister nice guy, Schaub, you heart string tugging little turd. Yeah, if the world seems shitty, help somebody with no expectation of payback – you'll feel better, just like Schaub!

  2. Hey Joe, can i come on your show? I drive a forklift at a pharmaceutical warehouse in Melbourne Australia and I am studying to be a primary school teacher. I am actually really interesting and engaging. Everyone loves talking to me and I had two friends come over to my house in 2009.

  3. they are revamping that area it's not that bad joe getting soft if he thinks that place is sketchy lol especially living and working around LA

  4. 40:00 i watched the new special. It was not good at fucking all. After al this talk about how much time they take to perfect it and hone it. I must be missing something. Dave Chappellโ€™s standup makes me laugh all he did was give weird facts and talk about it for 15-20 mins not funny joe sorry

  5. Is there any ufc rules that forbid a fighter using his giant dick as a weapon?
    If not it could give a hole new meaning to ground and pound ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Note to self. Dont jack off in the kitchen while your liberal girlfriend is making dinner for you. Lol

  7. Disneyland Season Pass Holders have had their mental growth stunted at some point in their life. It's a Cult. I know grown ass people who go 2 – 4 times a month and their homes are full of Mickey shit, they wear Mickey shit, they go on Disney cruises. They are not normal, I used to work with a broad who wore, I kid you not something everyday of her life with a Disney character on it, shirts, blouses, sweaters, shoes, hats, and she drank from Disney cups, mugs etc.
    If I told you I had to go to the Strip Joint, Casino, Horse Races, name any Vice 2 – 4 times a month you would say I had a problem, but I told you I have to go to Disneyland 2 – 4 times a month it's "Ooooh that coool" No its not cool, its a mental condition, its a disorder, it needs its own AAA Club.

  8. BEST CASE SCENARIO: khabib beats Conor, conor moves to fight the winner of the diaz/Dustin fight for a new 165lb belt. GSP then cuts to 165 and fights Conor for that belt whilst Khabib just runs the whole lightweight division and retires undefeated

  9. im only here cause brendy is his guest !!!! yay brendy !!!!! he is getting bigger than old joe…..

  10. Hey Joe, have you really looked into the "everyone comes from Africa" claim cause I know there's several scientists with counter arguments since that claim

  11. Joe is all confused about crowd hostility.. bro do you watch futbol? Lol hooligans? Bruh it pops off

  12. Here's some random shit when I was 12 I would walk my lil sis back home when I was hit up by young gang bangers and I'm proud to say I stood my ground and they walked sis is witness

  13. So after hard day of training Brenda would go home eat twizzlers and watch real housewives? What the actual fuck? This guy has to be the biggest homo.

  14. Joe I'm ten minutes into your special and it's GOLD.! Thank you sooo much man you're my hero I love listening too you talk about anything and everything. Thank you so much Joe you get me through life make me see the bigger picture..

  15. Brendan is so fuckin funny that you gotta be a real asshole to watch yourself line hilarious

  16. Toby Maguire? Really!? Clearly Joe and Brendan never read a spiderman comic.

  17. Messi has never raped anybody, Ronaldo has anally raped a girl and paid her off to stay quiet.

    Just facts for all the Ronaldo fanboys

  18. Conor vs GSP for the inaugural 165 lb title. Fighting for the opportunity to become first person in the UFC to hold titles in 3 divisions.


  19. Does anybody else feel like this shit is manufactured? Like as if they have this list of talking points that are gave to them?

  20. After the fight mousassi walked out he was casually out for a stroll he shook my hamd mousassi=big dick energy conor=lil dick overcompensation lmaoo

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