Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson UFC 232 Reaction | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

At UFC 232, Jon Jones will face Alexander Gustafsson in a rematch dating all the way back to UFC 165 in 2013. According to reports from ESPN, reigning champion Daniel Cormier will be stripped of the title, which means Jones and Gustafsson will face off for a vacant championship. In this reaction video from my show, I explain why even after all of the setbacks, time off, suspensions and drama, Jones still has time to do something historically great in the sport.

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  1. Cormier getting strip of his belt for the guy the cheated to beat him. Dana's slowly killing the UFC can't wait for this cheating Snitch to get caught again.

  2. The greatest irony for Luke is, that every time Jones screws up, he's the first to plaster the narrative "He's still young" "this is a chance for redemption" "y'all are still gonna watch his fights".
    Yet Jones seems to have beef with him even though he is more or less always batting for him. haha

  3. I know several people that will never buy another Nike product for the remainder of their lives. They're all very well to do, and the upswing in sales from Pro Colin Kaepernick people will fade away and set back to equilibrium in about 2 years. Nike f*** themselves.

  4. Most people wont buy bc of his hit and run. And his percieved ratting. His ped use is less relevant but plays a role.

  5. I scored it for Gus as well. A draw at minimum. Very stoked about Jones coming back. How he isn't ranked #1 on PFP ranking is insane. He hasn't lost ever. That DQ doesn't count either.

  6. "People say they care about PED's" I don't I'm just here for fights, bored of hearing about it. I'm not fighting people in a cage…not my problem. Just bleed!

  7. So a guy who hasn't fought in 2 years vs a guy who hasn't passed a drug test in 3?

  8. personally i psyched to see jon jones return, and to see him vs. gus… no matter what people say they're still gonna tune in to watch the best fighter ever

  9. Dc doesn't want anything to do with another Jones fight. He wants Brock and then retirement I reckon.

  10. The ufc wanted jones and D.C fight at heavy weight and they both said no they fight at light weight the ufc didnt want to wait for that. So D.C fight at heavy weight and jones light heavy weight.

  11. Oh comon Luke. If i could earmark my ppv $$ to only go to Gus i would. I wouldn't give Jon one fucking cent. I am a Swede though.

  12. Your great content is paying off with growing subscriber count. Good stuff mate

  13. Hey Luke, unrelated question- Why don’t you think we’ve seen all these legend & retired fighters transitioning into opening schools and becoming head coaches?

  14. Ya, Jones couldn't walk out of the arena under his own power after the last Gustaffson fight.

  15. Great fight 2 years ago. will see if Gus comes in ready and looking savage. Will see. JJ is a scumbag but probably the best fighter ever but then again he is a cheater. hope Gus KOs JJ but will see.

  16. Another upside to all Jone’s time off: he hasn’t been taking any shots or damage. Theoretically, his chin should have a LOT of miles left on it.

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