Joe Rogan Experience #1183 – Andrew Santino


  1. I nutted so hard from a blow job my ears were ringing. I just ruined my keyboard, that shit was funny lol

  2. The monks weren't protesting the war they were protesting President Ngo Dinh Diem's regime. Diem was a leader of the minority catholic community and imposed many anti-buddhist policies.

  3. Monk: *lights himself on fire
    Santino: “This is like Worldstar before there was Worldstar”

  4. Look joe is acting like a regular human without his drugs to make him happy all the time. Also blacks cant think for themselves or else they're crazy according to joe and all of the left

  5. Joe. You're at this point where you're asking "can you say that" regarding the alt white subject … what happend to freedom of speech. Its perposterus

  6. "it is too easy to survive so people are coming up with all different kinds of conflicts that are not real." – Joe

  7. Most strait married people are boring as fuck. They are called vanilla… just a fyi

  8. 1:32:29 Joe ridicules President Trump for saying, “It’s a scary time for young men in America,” which the President stated in regards to questionable allegations and the controversy related to Justice Kavanaugh. Still, on episode 1182 with Nick Kroll, Joe spoke about the 1,000+ children—of which included males—who were sexually assaulted and/or raped by members of the Catholic Church. That sounds pretty frightening, honestly. Could Trump’s statement have been entirely false?

    1:33:30 Joe claims people will say he’s “anti-men” and is guilty of “male-bashing,” yet on Stranger Times he outright declared himself “sexist towards men.” The “comedy” special was plagued with anti-male, female-superiority rhetoric. It seems as though Joe is fully aware of his cognitive dissonance related to the criticism of others and his tendency to overvalue gynocentrism.

    1:33:54 Joe states in reference to Lynzy Lab’s ‘A Scary Time’ song, “When you’re not a girl, it’s [sexual assault] not something you consider.” One episode ago, Joe acknowledged male victims/survivors from predatory Catholic Church clergy. Still, there is also societal expectation for males to experience sexual assault/rape when incarcerated. People openly joke about it. Males experience military sexual assault at higher numbers than females. A cursory Internet search will yield many female educators who prey on minor-aged males within the school system. This isn’t something males consider? In what reality?

    2:19:47 Despite his white-knighting for women and male-bashing throughout this episode, Joe reads aloud a report in reference to the dismissal of testimony from one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers (Lucia Evans), testimony said to have been inconsistent, incredible, and unworthy of legal consideration. By Joe’s logic, men don’t know what it’s like to be a woman who lives in fear of sexual assault/rape. Do women know what it’s like to be falsely accused of sexual assault/rape? If we’re going to overgeneralize, why not take it to its extreme? Oh…wait. Joe’s does that constantly with the demonization of men and by maintaining that women are perpetually victimized.

    2:20:35 Joe says, “There’s people that will be opportunist[ic] in the face of scandal,” which seems on par with the dismissal of Evans’ testimony. Joe knows fully well that there are some women who benefit from false allegations of sexual assault/rape.

    2:22:05 When referencing people exhibiting delusional cognitive distortions, Joe asserts, “They have a delusional perception of the world around them. They think people are out to get them.” Precisely! Lab’s song (‘A Scary Time’) is an ardent example of an individual whose irrationally-emotive worldview is distorted by a collectivist interpretation of paranoia and fear, in which she protests a straw man delusion supported by hysteria intertwined with a female-centric perspective. Joe gushed over Lab’s song, yet later spoke about how delusional its concept is. How can one be so incognizant?

    I suppose when Joe declared himself as being “sexist towards men” in his “comedy” special, he wasn’t joking (pun intended).

  9. glamarou has to be some comedian right>…thats not real please no…it cant be..

  10. When I was about 6 or 7 i broke my collar bone falling off a too tall and unsafe for kids slide, I fell straight on my arm, then I had to ride my bike home to tell my mom, and I wasn’t suppose to be there

  11. 🎵If you really want to take ride with me,and Eddie Bravo catch a couple conspiracies then tell me why must it be this way 🎵

  12. He didn't give Jamie his weed and Shrooms fucking stingy gene there going to go bad in a month

  13. No better week than Nick Kroll and Andrew being on the podcast within days. If Bill Burr shows up this week it’s a perfect week

  14. You made wonderful points on male and women relations. It's sad that people can't be in the moment and see things as they are. And Rape is not covering a girl's mouth. You take away from the Word by using it as a blanket word to cover and misbehavior.

  15. Joe “I’m enlightened but still use homophobic slurs like it’s the 50’s” Rogan

  16. I’d love Joe to get Salvador Alvarenga (and his biographer, Jonathan Franklin) on his show – a man who survived 438 days adrift at sea in a 24ft fishing boat, and drifted from Mexico to the Marshall Islands between 2012-2014, the longest known survival at sea in history. (Check out the book ‘438 Days’). That would make a great podcast.

  17. joe is way more funny, he should stay off weed more often or maybe its the 3 hours a day

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