Joe Rogan Experience #1182 – Nick Kroll


  1. Is this the dude that did that porno kids thing on Netflix that was getting so much criticism for being slimy and dirty and for kids?

  2. Omg another podcast about comedy for over half the show. Ok joe we understand you work and write it out and listen to the bit on your iphone. You write and write and write it again. Like ya "you have to". Enough get better guests or change the topic, seriously I have just heard it about 300 times now it's getting old.

  3. I've always hated Nick kroll but now I'm starting to realize most people are good people if u just give them a chance, life is to short for my balls to be this hot

  4. Only a rich asshole like Joe Rogan would come to the conclusion that the homeless problem in San Francisco is because "San Francisco is too liberal". San Francisco has a homeless problem because of the completely astronomical cost of living there. That's okay though Joey, keep being a shill for all the other rich, elitist assholes who don't have a fucking clue what it's like to be poor.

  5. Big Mouth is a comedy about kids going through puberty if you find a natural occurring part of human life that disturbing turn the show off. Big Mouth is hilarious!! Making fun of our bodies changing is great and I can definitely look back at my puberty years and relate. Keep up the great comedy Nick!

  6. WAIT!. like this if your leg fell asleep because of this weeks toilet time

  7. WTF Joe!! Decide on a damn phone!! You had a Samsung not an Apple……..c'mon!

  8. Joe’s black voice is on point. When he impersonated OJ I thought someone else was in the room.

  9. If you've been out of shape for a couple of years and then do high intensity cardio, your heart rate is through the roof but you can't maintain it. I remember doing a 20 minute HIIT workout after 2 years of just gaining weight(40 pounds) and I barely made it to the bathtub before I laid down and couldn't see or move a muscle for at least 30 minutes, then I was sore all over for nearly a week. And before the 2 year injury break, I was in great shape, working out hard for 6-10 hours everyday for 3 years straight(basketball, gym and running track/stairs).

  10. Making fun of Spartacus really hurt. Unfortunately everyone was in better shape then and Hollywood was infinitely better.

  11. Tick tock Joe, there's no yoga room in God's house, take my word for it or not BUT JESUS Christ is who he said he is, you have been told by me Joseph Oliva a fellow ITALIAN who's only faith is in JESUS, not Catholic or any other man made thing. Your choice will be your judge, I shake the dust from my feet and I won't tell you again.

  12. blaming a cities homeless issues on being too liberal is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. All of our economic and social policies in the country are too conservative, traditional, designed to create these extreme instances of peasant life. I'm all for not taking sides, but Joe's seems unwilling to talk about the 'working poor" and the vampire capitalist system out of control.

  13. We need to get Jarrad Wright (creator of The Big Lez Show) on here asap. The stories would be crazy

  14. I completely relate to the “I wish the iPhone wasn’t better sentiment” I’ve been weening off of apple products, but I can’t shake the iPhone. The minute someone make a better phone, I’M GHOST.

  15. “Heads up, I’m a fuckin slave in Rochester” hahahaha fuck Nick Kroll is hilarious.

  16. Nick Kroll is a laughing stock in the comedy world. Big Mouth is one of the lamest, weakest, cringe inducing and clinically depressing animated show to bless T.v. It's a mess, on-par with Family Guy for some of the lamest humour ever. Stale American bullshit. The least unfunny, most successful comedian to grace television, he also reminds me of a snake-oil salesman. You want quality watch South Park or the billion other animated comedy shows. Big mouth shouldn't exist, nick kroll shouldn't exist.

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