Joe Rogan Experience #1179 – Nikki Glaser


  1. The most attractive, real woman on Joe Rogan‘s podcast since chick that catches fish for a living. They’re still out there boys…

  2. Probably the second worst podcast Joe has had on, the worst being Iliza Shlesinger.

  3. OH FUCK….Im gonna have to put a guys dick up my arse now, those dangle pussy curtains are gross. I dont think she is hot anymore, she ruined it for me.

  4. > Saw a female name as the guest.
    > Scrolled down to see it was a "stand-up comedian".
    > Heard that whiny leftist voice.
    Disliked. Didn't need any more info to know this was another bigoted cunt.

  5. What a stupid theory, of course people have had sex for the first time sober, she is obviously obsessed with herself and constantly seems to project onto everyone else… Same thing with the dick sucking theory of hers, she never got told she can suck a dick well so she just assumes anyone who cant suck dick well also went through the same experience. This seems like a very childish thought process.

  6. Anytime there's a moderately obnoxious female on the podcast the dislikes roll in like there's no tomorrow. JRE's audience is more fucked than pro-trump/anti-trump people

  7. “I dOnT wAnT tO bE tHe SeX cOmIc”

    >Every podcast/show she does is all about her sex life

  8. There was a bit of cringe but overall good podcast. Nikki in my opinion is one of the funniest female comedies.

  9. It just seems like she's pissed at her life because she isn't hot enough to get some attention from men.

  10. she was all over joe, man, he could have had her right there, on set, she clearly was drippin

  11. I watched Nikki's comedy on Netflix. She's really funny. I bet she used the front entrance when she got to the studio, but when the podcast was over, she probably tried the rear entry because she prefers the backdoor.

  12. this bitch was boring as fuck she was not funny at all she seemed like a fake bitch plus she made all of us dumber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nikki loves anal. That's a real thing. Just thought you should know.
    She actually thoroughly explained shitting herself while getting dicked in the ass in Your Mom's House Podcast.

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