Joe Rogan Experience #1178 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick


  1. Factors are factors, but like "someone" said, you're interested in total mortality rates.
    I mean, Hong Kong is one of the most ridiculously polluted places on the planet, and has a ridiculously high life expectancy.

  2. The way she worries about what her son is exposed to doesnt sound healthy. She needs to relax.

  3. Rhonda is amazing and awesome, but all I can see is the feral kid from Mad Max Road Warrior!

  4. Funny how not an hour before, Joe said how watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians put him in a quasi comatose state. Then he brings in their personal dietician for a 3 hr discussion.

  5. About a year ago I heard Rhonda on JRE. Changed my fucking life. Thank you Joe for having her on and Rhonda who got me addicted to broccoli sprouts.

  6. I hope Dr. Rhonda didn't use the same float tank in San Francisco that Schaub jacked off in.

  7. I enjoyed her performance when she played that little girl in "Waterworld".

  8. Joe PLEASE get the Dr Zsofia Clements from Paleo Medicina in Hungary to talk about the carnivore diet. These guys have been running a clinic for 10 years using this diet to treat people and they are scientists. You are wasting time talking to people about it who have ZERO experience with it!

  9. Yesterday Joe said he eats a pound of game meat daily. He must eat a bunch of veggies since he said he eats more veggies than meat lol. I believe him. With all that exercise. Pshhh the guy is a animal!

    There should be a holiday for podcasts. Could call it "Podcast day". Or whatever. And Joe should try doing a podcast marathon. Just one day of the year where he starts earlier than normal and does like 4 podcast in a

  10. Joe > Since your a Scientist can you understand how to change a shitty diaper > Rogan…

  11. Get Dr Zsofia Clemens on the podcast Has Studied Carnivore FOR YEARS

  12. I will be listening to this on my way home sitting in traffic….the only time i enjoy traffic!!!!

  13. Those birth simulators are cute, but no woman in the history of the world could endure the "Man Flu" simulator..

    Seriously though, give dudes an epidural to even the playing field..

  14. Brócoli sprouts, sauna, cold showers, wim hof breathing, Rhondas knowledge it's healing my family anda friends!!!! Infinite loving gratitud for Joe and rhonda from Argentina 🇦🇷 🙏😍

  15. Who else watched this doing meditative yoga in a sauna, while eating broccoli sprouts, creating heatshock proteins and ingesting sulforaphane? I know, stupid question. It's probably most of us.

  16. Sorry for calling you a gatekeeper Joe, you've always been there since my dod tfc cs days when I needed a father figure to look up to…and I've made a lot of progress…I've also regressed…but thanks for being there man

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