INTANGIBLES: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov (Final Analysis)


  1. I offer you an example Chael. You lost two times against the formidable striker Anderson Silva, did´nt you? 😛

  2. You keep saying this but both ngannou and till had never been in a championship fight against those wrestlers. But wait we did see this twice before. Conor vs Alvarez and Conor vs Mendez. Then to a certain extent against Diaz, Brandao and Aldo. Looking forward to a great fight.

  3. Stop mentioning Cormier. You can't just ignore the fact that he punched Stipe after an eye poke, with the punch coming from that side where Stipe couldn't see it after the poke. He was even out-wrestled in that fight. He'll do anything to avoid a rematch, so please don't mention him.

  4. Ngannou vs Stipe and Till vs Woodley are bad comparisons, I'll would rather say Woodley vs Damian Maia or Ronda vs Nunes, it is a striker vs grappler situation.

  5. How do ppl still find this a better fight than Diaz 3 is bat shit crazy! How Conor wasn't stripped of his title/s for inactivity is a joke in itself and even climbed the p4p rankings??? HOW? we shouldn't call ufc fighters mixed martial arts as most aren't Conor being the most obvious! as for this clip by chael he likes the sound of his own voice, we saw with our own eyes how tired Conor gets… what does chael know? Those that CAN'T DO.? yada yada

  6. Chad is a midget compared to Khabib….Khabib will be taller,and MUCH heavier than Mendes ever will be…. ALSO his ground game is better than mendes…And Mendes gave Connor everything he could handle…Mcgregor looked bad until chad gassed…

  7. Haley Joel Osment grew up, kicked alot of ass, became a massive alfa and grew a chin of a demigod. Chael Sonnen is now, Haley is no more.

  8. Mate Conor is a FAR better striker than Francis and Till. Francis had literally ZERO wrestling skills when he fought Stipe. Till got submitted after he got rocked by arguably the hardest hitter in the ufc. To say Conor has a “punchers chance” is an insult and shows how bias you are.

  9. Idk if I can agree with the strikers chance segment at the beginning

    Both examples of “if he hits him first it’s over” have been in the heavy weight division

    Both fighters in this case are way smaller and can last way longer

    Both are a threat to each other for the possible 20 minutes of fighting
    I wonder if it’s fair to compare the heavyweight division with the lightweight division (or are they middleweight/I forget what division they are in if someone could be nice enough to Inform me)

  10. I don't know how i got here, i don't even watch UFC. But this mans voice is mesmerizing.

  11. Yes finally! The XLR cable is free! Looks like he read my last comment and gave the cable some slack! Lol

  12. You can’t compare Conor with Ngannou and Till who are both up and coming talents. Conor is different and doesn’t only have a punchers chance. He got great skills

  13. Chael been off a lil bit lately first few times he been annoying.Give that same repeated shit a rest.

  14. We havent really seen this same fight before. Ngannou vs Stipe and Woodley vs Till was completely different in that Stipe and Woodley (the wrestlers) out-struck the strikers (Ngannou and Till). In this match-up, Khabib will not and cannot out-strike McGregor

  15. jesus, how many videos is Chael publishing? dude is on fire:=)

  16. I think you miss the point that Conor is most dangerous when he is dictating the fight and attacking. However, he simply cannot afford to do that against Khabib in fear of the takedown. This is the turning point right here all heavily in Khabib's favor.

  17. Neither Francis or Till has as good of boxing as Conor. He sets things up differently from them, he moves different, gets to different angles.

  18. I think it’ll go to decision and whoever wins the 3rd round or gets a 10-8 wins. Conor will won the first two rounds and Khabib the last two. Round 3 is the crucial round

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