If Fedor doesn’t show up on Oct 13th, Guess What?


  1. When i was young i would dream about being in a job i hate getting close to 40 and hating my life. Dreams can come true lol

  2. Chael I put my life savings and my left nut on you to get the dub please i need my left nut don't let me down

  3. well not a wuss but not the guy who will destroy you either not a guy whos 10 times better than you

  4. Fedor will show up and knock you out in first round after you failing taking him down

  5. Chael vs Fedor is way more interesting than Chuck vs Tito… October 13th shit I didn't realize it was that soon, very cool…

  6. Chael Sonnen died 20 years ago, Death just hasn't built up the courage to tell him yet.

  7. At the end of the day are you a fighter or not? … shouldn’t matter who u fighting or how long u had to train for that specific person .. quit being soft and bang

  8. Mr. Sonnen, the difference is in fighting style. Fedor fights differently from a man who is not Fedor. Your preparation will have been knocked slightly askew because of that.

  9. iiiiii me me me me iiiiiii me me me me iiiiiiii me me me loves the sound of his own voice

  10. Actually he is stressing present situation that young fighters are cringy and pussies in accepting opponent change and short notice fights.He defends old school fighter mentality, I have fight ill fight on that day, regardless who shows up in the other corner.

  11. People only want to fight for styles they like to expose when you should be training for a war wherever it takes place or whoever is coming at you. Everything needs to be planned out nowadays to come up with a plan to expose their opponents perceived weakness

  12. Chael really fighting heavyweights like it's no big deal. MMA is lucky to have this man.

  13. "Whats the difference?" I get what you mean Chael, but the contract has a date AND opponent. So the contract isnt the same.

    Fedor pulls out, they say, "now you have to fight 6 hws at once".. you signed the contract, whats tge difference?

  14. A T-Rex once stepped on Chael Sonnen’s shadow. The next day the Dinosaurs went extinct.

  15. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, people used to ask each other, "Would you get in the ring with Mike Tyson for $1,000,000?" and my response was always twofold:

    1. A million dollars is chump change, stop being broke.
    2. I'd fight him for free.

    I was Chael Sonnen before Chael Sonnen was Chael Sonnen.

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