If Conor and Khabib are standing, it doesn’t necessarily mean Conor’s winning…


  1. Saying khabib doesn't come to fights. It's like saying why didn't Tony come with a torn acl to fight khabib.
    That's just so dumb.
    If you get hurt. Yes it's your fault mostly. But it's not like you choose to destroy your knee so you Dodge a fight.


  2. I hate it when I disagree with Chael, usually because he brings to light what I failed to see. I love his analysis as a fighter and as a fan. I love to be able to get his insight and view things that I didn't see at first through a true pros eyes.

  3. Al was also dead tired before Khabib allowed him to strike . If he was fresh it be diffrent

  4. long story short,khabibs striking is good, connors wrestings good. its gonna be a lit fight

  5. Jones is running a steroid shop under the rugs of ur octagon. might want to get it checked

  6. I don't buy all the narratives out there either. Including this one. Khabib is not a fucking freestyle or Greco wrestler, Chael. He is a folkstyle wrestler. He rides on the damn ground. That is his whole game.

  7. I did go back and watch Mendez-Mcgregor: ITS FREE ON YOUTUBE! Conor was hammered and let’s be honest, Chad aint Khabib in the ground and pound department. But Chad was successfull with elbows and overhands. Will Conor withstand?! Faarkkk I dont know wtf is gonna happen on saturday!

  8. These comment sections are ridiculous, this is an easy fight for Conor. He has been training two years for this fight, it's kind of obvious. Khabib's record is padded, he has fought like what 2-3 good people. He has fought bums. 2nd round knockout for mcgregor. Conor is a unicorn, and no one has a chance at 155 lbs, absolutely nobody.

  9. Khabib doesn't stand a chance striking with Conor. They're not on the same level.

  10. What can be said about this fight,that hasn't been said yet? That somehow Chael will win the fight! Somehow? It's Chael…!

  11. conor looking knackered is just part of the cut. conors going to come in on the day as huge as he can, he will plan on holding the take downs off and being as heavy as possible.

  12. There's one punch in particular that I think Khabib can land on Conor. I don't see any possible way Conor wins on the ground. Comparing Chad Mendes to Khabib on ground is laughable.

  13. Wow, such a privilege to listen to the thoughts of a man who has never lost a round in the UFC, and held multiple belts in different divisions. We need to seriously listen to papa Chanel

  14. Nate rocked Conor and that led to his defeat. Conor can be rocked but it is damn hard to do that. Conor learned from that now so it will be near impossible to actually catch his face because his awareness in distance is so damn good.

  15. Tony "Pettis is better then both Khabib and Conor" Ferguson -said in embedded episode 1 for UFC 229-

  16. I will concede the narrative that Chael P Sonnen is the GOAT. Yes, i fully buy into this.

  17. Nothing but broken orbital bones and shattered zygomatic arches this saturday boys i can promise u dat

  18. If you think khabib can last standing you’re a complete moron. DID U NOT SEE HIM RUNNING LIKE A SCHOOLGIRL FROM AL IAQUINTA?

  19. Sorry uncle chael but if khabib is on the feet he’s getting murked if Conor’s in the floor for a considerable amount of time it could potentially get scary for him

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