How Ethan Klein and Tom Segura Courted Their Wives – YMH Highlight

Ethan Klein tells the story of how he courted his wife Hila internationally from Israel, while Tom describes his first interaction with his current wife but going to a strip club to celebrate her boyfriend. Both stories are unique and led to amazing relationships. How did you meet your significant other?


  1. I love how much love H3 has been getting lately, both from the Jeans and from the Slept King

  2. i understand where your coming from ethan, but picture this:
    go to amsterdam, take mushrooms (or truffles) and then go to the van gogh museum!!
    100% worth it

  3. it's wishful thinking, but for some reason, this podcast makes me think…

    YMH and iDubbbz?

  4. Tom, I will see you Friday in Boise, Idahoe … I swear to god if you don't pay me back that $17.85 from jr. high, im going to punch your balls from behind.

  5. Yo, sober October fuck ya;ll get crunk as FUCK and hail satin because satin is the best of the velours.

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