Felipe Esparza Is Carnage Asada | TigerBelly 163


  1. Thank you 🐅 belly for having Felipe on your podcast .I'm getting me a ridge wallet 🙋

  2. Such a great podcast. Tom Segura had him on his podcast recently too. Also hilarious. Great guy, super funny dude.

  3. The fights were amazing. Volkov didn't take advantage and tough Derrick did. Now Derrick's gonna fight DC who is a nightmare on the ground (Derrick's kryptonite) and now on the feet. Like DC, I was impressed that Khabib beat Conor on the feet. Conor may have been a little rusty but Khabib didn't have to trade strikes with Conor and he did and it worked out. Pettis still has trouble utilizing his counters but is still fun to watch. Michelle looked amazing. Damn, she's an amazing woman. I honestly don't wanna pick between her and Rose.

  4. Man, I thought Filipino and Egyptian was such a cool mix. Regardless, Koloko is 50% smart and 50% hot. That's what matters.

    My take on the riot is Khabib started it. Conor started the entire negativity but Khabib's actions could've resulting in a lot of injuries, property damage and maybe a death. Luckily it was extinguish pretty quickly. Brendan Schaub is right about the people who bought into the drama and shit talking being somewhat responsible for the way fights are promoted. At the end of the day, Conor and Khabib looked like idiots and Dana's greedy ass needs to stop letting UFC become a circus. We need respectful as well as talented guys to promote the company and the sport.

  5. everyone is terrified of felipe and his monsterous voice.
    just keep laughing and keep the man happy

    PD – may i suggest that you get suspension booms for the mics so that we don't hear the thud thud while the guest is gesticulating against the table?

  7. Can You Imagine Felipe As A Pirate In Pirates Of The Caribbean?! FOOL Would Be A Dope Ass Evil Pirate

  8. You're a weak ass bitch parent if you can't navigate a supermarket without having your kid on a leash.

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