EPISODE 124: Judgment Day 1998


  1. It sisnt work with Bader or didn't use Vader right? I don't suppose the Kliq helped matters either with their shitty attitude and blatant sabotage of other wrestlers.

  2. What I wonder is why mark Henry who beat the rock didn't receive a title shot against the rock for the title shortly after survivor series it could of been a title match on raw and the rock retain and then do the match with mankind

  3. Bruce’s impression of Vince Russo literally sounds like he’s imitating a mentally disabled person.

  4. Bruce got a new bicycle. He took the seat off it and went down the bumpiest road in Houston. His ass must be sore from riding that huffy classic

  5. Don't treat Erkle like a woman, don't treat clown like a man, don't treat clown like you known clown, treat Erkle for what clown am

  6. Something to wrestle with has been getting progressively shitter and shitter for the last 5 episodes. Conrad spreading himself too much and the quality is taking a hit. Earlier episodes so much longer and better

  7. That thumbnail…waaaiting for a starrr to fallllll, carrrry…..

  8. They shit on Vader and then denied him to go to WCW as if he would be a threat to their ratings. POS business move.

  9. You will hear top guys in wwe bitch about alot money is usually not one tho…

  10. I fucking love this show! You guys are my absolute favorite podcast duo and I'm a huge wrestling nerd have been for 19 years. Thank you guys for the best show and hours upon hours of entertainment.

  11. I aint go no load for this weekend yet. Looks like I'll be stuck in dallas, tx.

  12. Austin from the UK IME a huge wwe fan and a huge fan of the show can i get a shout out I love your banter

  13. Is this going to be Live ??
    Bruce / Conrad, give me a shout out.
    Dean Maddox Manchester England 🇬🇧I’ve been listening since the beginning. I even have merch from you guys 👍 I listen while at work, like I do every Friday night. Well You Know

  14. Just home from work & ready to chill & well you know.. watch something to, well you know.. something to wrestle with, you know

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