Elon Musk Chimp Moment – JRE Toons


  1. Conor McGregor committed many fouls. 1. Hooking the glove 2. Pulling the shorts 3. Feet in the cage 4. Knee to the face on the ground. And not even a warning. What a joke UFC is.

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  3. Joe β€œI talk shit and gossip about all my guests after they leave β€œ Rogan

  4. Whatever happens, I'm glad he lost 50 million in value over that girlish blunt hit.

  5. Joe better not talk down about Khabib in the next podcast, fuck sucking up to Dana White. Conor and his team got what they deserved and it was EPIC. Fuck COOTER MCTAPPER!

  6. Guarantee Joe was fighting so hard not to say, "Those things could rip your dick clean off!!"

  7. love the animations. I would be willing to watch a full length episode to the end if they were all animated!

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