Derrick Lewis took his shorts off and got a title shot at UFC 230…

The saga of the main event for UFC 230 has finally come to rest. MMA fans were vocal about their lack of interest in Valentina Shevchenko and Jon Jones refused to fight. So fan favorite Derrick Lewis stepped up to face current UFC Champ Daniel Cormier. It pays for fans to speak their mind – Dana White and the UFC listen.


  1. WTF they giving LEWIS a fight against DC .DC will kill him .Man he hardly won his last fight and fucking gased wtf.

  2. Thank you for what ? Worst matchup ! This might be easiest fight Cormier has ever done

  3. Great fight. Beast will give DC big trouble. DC is taking bigger risk than he thinks. The Beast has some real power and helluva chin. It's amaizing that with zero technigue he can be 9-1 #1 contender. He defines word BEAST!

  4. so they are just wasting derrick's opportunity….he is the next after lesnar and instead of waiting to fight either brock or dc he gets the shot now…..complete waste

  5. dc lewis is better than shevchenko eubancks it involves two fighters that all mma fans should like but people will shit on it because its a safe bet that lewis won't have answers for dc's wrestling well the same was for conor against khabib and on the feet lewis has insane power . I think dc will win handily but its a nice move considering the resources available. The question is though did they try to make stipe lewis or dc.

  6. If somehow Lewis pulls this fight off and beats DC I think my brain will explode. 😂

  7. Love both guys and stipe makes me sleepay…. but still this fight makes zero sense.

  8. Please dont tell me Chael is going to hype up Lewis vs Cormier… Everybody knows its a non-contest.
    Cormier $1.14 Lewis $5.00 – Khabib was paying $1.62 .. dont be stupid enough to think this is even a fight.

  9. After every UFC card I always ask my self "I wonder what Mr.Sonnen has to say about all this?"🤔

  10. This was a shit fight. Chael is talking nonsense. Lewis was barely moving at the start of the first round, and hardly moved throughout.

  11. The match is awesome, but i won't wonder if the match turns into one sided massacre by Cormier, Derrik's conditioning isn't ready for this kind of match, it's happening too fast for him.

    I know that the black beast can pull out an incredible punch and get the w , but looks like an unlikely scenario to me.

  12. Didn't Derrick say openly he's body isn't ready for a title shot…then Bam! From the frying pan and into the fire. He gets a title shot huh!?

  13. The UFC is becoming more and more of a circus;I guess that's what makes the money 🤔 but where's the real fight 🙄 Derrick was going down big time,but then got a good lucky punch,and the game was over.Entertaining;not one bit,so now fighting DC won't be interesting either.Stipe should fight instead,and that would be a really good one 🤷‍♂️

  14. Wien BigMan get hot and swety. You will make anything to cool down. ☝🏻🇫🇮❄️sauna and bighotman out.

  15. Is that enough time for big boy Lewis tho, I don’t like it , needs more time after this past wknd … less than a month WTF

  16. I would like to know what ODDS VEGAS should had propose at 30sec before the end of the fight with volkov to Lewis being champions one month later may be @ 1000
    UFC is clearly not a logical competition, it works more like wwe.
    bruce buffer should announce " IT S BUSINESS TIMEEEEEEEEE"

  17. Derrick has a little buzz. he should take his time build his cardio and improve then go for title next year. cormier is world class. Derrick will be destroyed it's not fair.

  18. Wtf DC vs Lewis… honestly, I don’t even want to see that.

  19. C'mon Derrick vs DC I'm not looking forward to at all. Just be one sided DC taking him down and rag dolling once again

  20. I thought Nate Diaz was going to be the one that walked out of UFC 230, not Dustin Poirier! I always like watching DC fight, but he's going to be a -900 minimum! Is that enough of a risk for it to be a draw at the box office? People just opened their stingy pockets for UFC 229, are they going to think that a DC "entertainment" bout going to be enough? I don't know..

  21. Black Beast vs DC? Not sure about that…. I get the hype and I wanna see it but really doesn't seem competitive. I love Derrick Lewis but I just don't think he's on DC's level or Alexander Gustafsson's.

  22. Lewis needs 3 months to get some cardio work done before even considering another fight. DC is going to literally run rings around him.

  23. Cormier has the chance to go out as all time greatest by defending two belts against Stipe and Bones or he can go down as a great fighter by losing one or both fights.Hell never beat Stipe he knows that and thats why he will fight Brock and money reasons, he could beat Brock.When it comes to Jones he will do his best to defeat him and prove world wrong.I dont approve it but ufc is wwf anyway so I dont care much

  24. This fight is not fair to derrick, only 3 weeks from this fight?! Wtf? Derrick will gas out, no chance he can go 5 rounds… I hope derrick knocks the shit out of dc, that would be spectaculary

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