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The news broke on air on today that Daniel Cormier vs. Derrick Lewis will headline UFC 230 in Madison Square Garden. It will be for the heavyweight title. In addition, Valentina Shevchenko will face Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 231 and Sijara Eubanks is now without a fight. I reacted to this news live on my radio show.

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  1. dude, enough about wack-ass project spearhead. leslie smith aint the one to lead. having the government come in, isnt gonna help. look at how they rule over the sport with these touchy power-tripping athletic commissions. now imagine the equivalent beaurocracy coming in to manipulate the UFCs ability to make matches on the fly, or choose title shots.. it could damage the profitability of the sport in the long term. champions need to 'spearhead' this thing. leslie smith already tipped her hand when she tried to use her leverage(lol) as leader of spearhead to intimidate the ufc into giving her a more lucrative contract, it blew up in her face and she played the victim. shes an entitled socialist, not a leader and negotiator.

  2. Anyone else feel like they’re punishing Lewis for the Trump and Russia comment after the fight?

  3. dont criticize dana for scrapping the sijara eubanks match. the consumers , fans, are the ones who demanded this. thank you dana for listening to us. sorry sijara , blame the fans not dana, . this is the fight

  4. Luke, You were talking to Derrick as he was going to the doctor to be cleared for the fight that he was denying

  5. Very surprised if these two actually make it to the octagon. Lewis took too much of a beating and will be walking into another one against Cormier. Cormier will just take him down, smother him and submit him. What happened to Stipe?

  6. Yup the ufc is just taking a big dump on Stipe by not giving him his rematch and throwing in Lewis who just took a beating even tho he won. Knowing Derek he knows they dont expect him to win and he probably knows he's not ready but he's not going to say no.

  7. If they were to add Women's 105, Men's 165, 195, & 225 they would gain 4 new champions & 60 newly ranked fighters. 195 & 225 may be weak for a few years, but eventually it'll even out. With more divisions you get more ranked fighters to fill cards, and probably less injuries due to less weight cuts.

    Champions w/ new weight divisions:
    Waterson (105), Rose (115), Valentina (125), Nunez (135), Cyborg (145)
    Cejudo (125), Cruz/Dillashaw (135), Holloway (145), Khabib (155), McGregor (165), Covington (175), Romero (195), Gustaffason (205), Jones (225), Cormier (HWT)

    Those are all marketable PPV headlining fighters! With more champs, there is definitely room for super fights as well.

  8. I thought brock lesnar was supposed to fight daniel whatever happened to that match?

  9. no no no..awful matchups for business, killing their stars..D.C. gonna get knocked out, before he can reach the Jon III & Brock payday$.
    over & over..yes the fighters have pride & will fight anyone, anywhere, but who @ UFC is approving this matchups, setting their stars up to die prematurely.
    If Jon isn't ready for 230, D.C., you wait 'till he's ready, that's the money fight, not Derrick Lewis. this is madness. no way UFC can sustain with this poor decision making.

  10. Derrick isn't even in the same class as DC. This ppv will be a flop

  11. Keep doing what you're doin Luke. Great show and bits. Regarding this bit; where the fudge was there a mention of Stipe? The man is being treated like he's a fuckin leper. Why? Because he disrespected His Holiness Dana in the ring that time? Fuck me. Feel so bad for the dude,

  12. Cormier vs Lewis is not anything approaching being a competitive fight. How do they even sanction this shit?

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