Congratulations Podcast w/ Chris D’Elia | EP88 – That Top Note

It’s the 88th episode! On today’s show, Chris talks about Kawhi Leonard and his amazing laugh. Also discussed: Tekashi 6ix9ine (of course), Kanye on SNL, DJ Pooh, JR Smith and his Supreme tattoo, that ice cream tester guy, method acting and performances, and Phil Knight and his book. Plus, there’s a NEW TMFUIPOTW & Chris answers a bunch of questions from Twitter.


  1. Looking forward to some funny podcast…. what’s that more Kanye bashing because he likes the president….. oh cool I’m out…. talks about not being a c’uda….. then proceeds to do the same thing th main stream media has been doing all week…. come on Chris

  2. I was listening to this today and I HAD to come watch the video version to see his face do the Kawhii laugh.
    I was definitely not disappointed.

  3. Can the babies see your set up behind the camera anytime soon?

    Without Juan and Ivan of course, just their set up.


  4. Can't believe he doesn't know his names Tekashi🤣 do you live under a rock? And if you do know his name and keep saying it wrong S'not funny…s'cuda. And we get it, you're an anti trump snowflake…get over it.

  5. Lahore Pakistan representin, straight up slinging that curry dick around the shop, ye feel me?

  6. Oh shit, just came back from the gym and guess what, Johnny Hipscry is paying me a visit right now. S'jacked

  7. Every time i see the podcast uploaded, I get so many estackulations of amazement from the fractals of what human emotion layers are formed. Ya know?

  8. Today my teacher said the word "Secure" and my inner baby thought she was saying the word "cure". Fucked me up for a second

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