Chael Sonnen breaks down Khabib Nurmagomedov/Conor McGregor post fight melee…

After putting on a spectacular performance while defeating Conor Mcgregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped the fence and attacked McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis. Not long after Conor was ambushed by several of Khabib’s cornermen/training partners. Chael Sonnen gives his thoughts on this mayhem on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


  1. Conor threw a punch before the guy jumped the fence …watch it again

  2. I'm chael love you bro but when Connor got on top of the fence he punched khabibs cousin just saying he was asking for what he got

  3. Chael. I am truly a fan of yours. I am utterly disgusted by this assessment. It stinks from a corporate pay off. Now this reeks of a Dana(UFC)/FOX/ESPN telling you and/or paying you to have the audience listen and believe what you say. CUT THE BULLSHIT.

    You are a MAN of principal. And you go against Khabib for STANDING UP for his family, religion, and country?
    Especially after all the unprecedented chaos and damages Conor did with the bus incident.

    This is sickening to say the least. Your fans who have been following you for years can see right through this shit.

    I hope this was worth it to you..

    Khabib is the true peoples CHAMP. And regardless of what happens he will be regarded as one of the best to do it.

  4. No matter what happens to Khabib… what happened on october 6th will never be changed… No one will forget how Khabib shut up all the mouths… no one will forget Allah is the greatest!

  5. Connor cheated , again & again ! Bad Behavior by McNugget again . Non UFC film shows mcnugget climbing the fence throwing 1st punch . UFC has covered up for conor again & again . Caught on FILM

  6. This is the promo for the next fight just like bus attack was promo for last fight. hypocritical if he presses charges. I would rather see a melee than hear Chael disrespect some one's wife and country then get terrified of the consequences (death threats).Everyone that fought was a fighter.

  7. Khabib took away his glory? He is the most glorious to all his real fans because of this… only Khabib's haters feel that he took away his own glory to feed their own insecurities… so they can feel like "he lost something." MONEY doesnt fuckin matter to guys like that… you are fuckin dumb

  8. So many comments here blaming Conor for throwing that “first punch”, while in reality khabib threw the first punch by jumping into the audience and fighting Dillion. If you’re Conor and see khabib jump your teammate then see his brother sprint across the octagon, wtf do you think Conor is going to do? Ofc he’s going to try to stop another dude from jumping his teammate. How anyone can blame Conor for throwing that punch is beyond me. Good thing Chael actually has a brain compared to some people here.

  9. Connor attacked khabib's brother while his brother was on the cage going after khabib. Thats why connor was aatcked in the ring. It wasnt random like i intially thought.

  10. we should not let this distract us from the fact that Kevin Lee picked conor to win ..

  11. The UFC needs to change and removing biased piece of shits like Chael from it should be a start. This guy is purposely lying to you all.

  12. Actually, arent we forgeting a suspension from the Nevada Comission does not stop anyone from fighting in another state? The refusal of his American visa does not stop him from fighting in another country?

  13. It's obvious that Chael didn't watch the video that showed what actually happened after the fight. Conor throws the first punch while he's on top of the ring trying to climb over then Khabibs team retaliated. Conor held his own though. He hit all three guys who went after him with hard lefts.

  14. The outcome of Mcgregor vs Khabib fight is embarrassing really. It could be one of the greatest fight in MMA history but was only ruined by purely not controlled emotion. I wonder why it happened given the fact that they are already in this business for a long time. Maybe they forgot what sport means. Those people who are responsible on the brawl should be banned for good from the UFC.

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