Chael Sonnen and Luke Thomas discuss Jon Jones failed drug test, Conor MCGregor and Khabib.


  1. The Curse of Kenny Florian Pick. Florian picked McGregor to with which guaranteed a McGregor loss.

  2. There is no upside for a Khabib vs McGregor 2. McGregor was totally dominated by Khabib.

  3. Chael, you and Luke should do this once a week; bi-monthly at a minimum brother! Great interview from two minds that know the fight business. Keep up the great work!

  4. Any form of logic would have you wonder why jon wasn't testing positive before or after trace amounts of T-ball was found in his system. Jon did not cheat. The T-ball was used to cut the cocaine that Jon was taking. Jon is an admitted Coke head. Jon is not testing positive any more simply because he has been in rehab and is trying to stay off of the Coke.

  5. Khabib vs conor 2 shouldn't happen conor doesn't deserve another shot especially since he's never Givin anyone a second chance who he beat …. what would khabib stand to gain he made it clear money wasn't that big a deal to him

  6. I want to see one of the Diaz brothers fight Khabib. My money would be on either of the Diaz brothers over Khabib

  7. What he said about MMA needing safe spaces he is so right.
    Some.of the biggest hurt feelings ever.
    You would imagine that would not be the case

  8. I just read Conor actually said "it was only business" midway through the fight when the penny dropped that Khabib was a beast. He should have used Chael Sonnen as an example, mean as hell in his trash talk but not ever straight up nasty… Hope he's learned his lesson. The funny and entertaining version of Conor was cool, this time around he was just straight up unpleasant.

  9. Jones' psychology isn't really that complex. It is a condition commonly referred to as 'diddun do nuffin' and clusters with a very particular demographic.

  10. I love the fact that you have readers hanging on your shirt but yet has a body like (well I can't write it here).

  11. Narcissistic/Addict, most people with these Negative traits are geniuses at what they do like a Jon Jones

  12. After all of this Conor is still a victim and Jon is still a demon…😕😕😕

  13. Chael is great, he is one of my favorite people to listen to about MMA. Just don't bet on his picks. Sure he will get one right every once in a while but your not going to come out ahead.

  14. Luke Thomas “look I’m going to be honest here for a sec.” Chael “Well it’s your show.” 😂😂

  15. Chael is the best commentator/analyst in MMA. He tends to be somewhat hyperbolic but he knows that is what sells.

  16. Conor vs khabib rematch would be fun, I will watch it again even though I think khabib has his number.

  17. I are you kidding me?! If you test positive then your tested again and come up negative that would insinuate the athlete knew s/he was aware. Although if they are tested consecutively test positive for ped then guess what you most like don’t know or your “idgaf”! Sonnen is smart he just does not like Jones. IMO

  18. Chael is such a bold liar. His highest PPV buy barely broke the top 20 all time. Even fucking Tate/Nunez beat his best. Sonnen is the greatest snake oil salesman in the MMA game. lol

  19. Chael you also need to start another podcast and just talk to guests about anything.. i think that you’d get a lot more subscribers

  20. It's all about money but Khabib absolutely mauled Connor even with him cheating. Connor should have point or points deducted for round 3.

  21. Haha is Chael not biased based on his interactions with Jon Jones ?

  22. Screw it I want to see the rematch but Khabib is facing a lot of trouble so we will have to see what happens.

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