Bertcast # 309 – Robert Kelly, Mike “Cowhead” Calta, Galvin, & ME


  1. Had to stop at 1:37:27 stop fucking arguing, no one wants that shit. And if your in a podcast, YOU ALL ARE IN ON THE CONVERSATION, don't be rude and talk to someone else. Have some decency to those around you. Watch it again, and maybe everyone will gain something, just not getting through you going at each other not matter who was right, it's supposed to be comics hanging out. Wtf?

  2. Jeasus Burt are you the fattest person in EVERY room you walk intio?

  3. It's almost as if those three guys are just totally exhausted with Bert. A few days on a cruise will do that to you – and I totally get where Bert was coming from, notice how attentive everybody was AFTER he brought it up.

  4. I can't tell who is dying first here but definitely someone in this group is dead in less than 5 years

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