Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #091 FULL VIDEO – Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss the fall out from their recent discussion about TFATK and what they would do if they won the Mega Millions jackpot before diving into the hottest MMA stories including GSP’s test fight at 155, what it would take to match him up with Khabib, Nate Diaz issues with Dustin Poirier and his upcoming “tour”, what Eddie Alvarez joining ONE Championship means for the former champion and what it means for the sport as a whole, and one of the wildest rumors yet, Conor Mcgregor vs Anderson Silva at 180 LB’s, plus listener questions, including the first ever video question in BYM history and so much more!


  1. Bisping vs Shuab🤜🤛
    Gomez vs Callen🤜🤛
    Believe u me Wins everytime!💯
    Say hi to Shannon miss her!😎

  2. This podcast is so good, that i started as a Luke Rockhold fan and ended up as a Bisping fan…even if he's retired now. 🙂

    But jesus christ that first video question…started off like he was giving a speech at the wedding or something…

  3. Thank you Mike and Luis for the extra episode this week. Making it easy for us to make you guys our number 1 podcast.

  4. The man spreading water video was anti feminist Russian propaganda and was fake

  5. Easily my new favorite podcast. Keep taking shots at fighter in the kid there podcast is slipping they need the motivation. Even if the shots are just for fun itd be funny

  6. i dont know why i wanna hear an insult. its gonna be all me, but ok. next can
    only be described as (old black lady laugh)

  7. Here we go. I’m not two minutes in but I know bisping gonna get in that ass!

  8. holy crap! I just had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard at Louis' story about seizing up jerking off and Mike's response about man-spreading…where else can you find this kind of quality programming! so hilarious

  9. I fucking love you guys. This is the only podcast I cant miss (fuck Rogan, Schaub…not Uncle Joey tho…he's badass lol)..but for real…you guys always make me laugh out loud multiple times every single show. Your the best tandem out there. Bar none.

  10. Hey luis and michael you could react to some videos in your show would be great to fill some of the time

  11. Schaub is the worst. Believe you me dominates on MMA talk and comedy. Please do not apologize to that deluded meat head. Schaub is the CM Punk of comedy.

  12. Luis should fight Sherrod Small. By proxy he beats Kurt, and Sherrod would be bitter about it and blame Kurt and probably beat his ass, and I just want someone to punch Sherrod.

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