As predicted…Khabib Nurmagomedov won, but I’m not certain a rematch looks the same.


  1. khabib is kryptonite for pure strikers like conor or barboza. guy need to fight a serious all rounder like alvarez. too many bums on his record. id like to see him fight mike chandler but that will obviously never happen. if he beat alvarez i think that would be enough to claim that he is best lightweight ever. til he fights a good all rounder i cant make that call though

  2. Chael, if you're drinking proper twelve… Please stop !
    There's nothing to fix, Khabib smashed him on the feet and on the ground.
    Khabib just wanted to play a bit on his feet in the 3rd round just to show everybody that even where conor is supposed to be unbeatable, he couldn't do anything.

  3. Built up so much for fight 1 that a rematch seems weird. So much was put into this fight and it was very climactic.

  4. Sonnen go get your head and eyes checked. I know you need to keep yourself relevant but your wrong here. Khabib took off round three for a bit of replenishing his energy after the total bear beat down on chickens face. That's why u say props to chicken for coming back in round three. What a joke. He lost because he knew that getting in Khabibs head created anger leading to his face smash and not the usually fear and self emploding other fighters did facing him. He was scared cause he failed and that's why he looked cold walking to the cage.
    This chicken who professed as did his daddy Dana he was the best got owned in every aspect. What little spots he had to look like he did something was only when Khabib allowed it. Sonnen go get an MRI on your noggin man and make sure it still is not deterring as it its normal rate.

  5. Well said Chael!! I was thinking the exact same thing.. course I am a nobody but that is what I seen. I even said I dont think I have ever seen anyone do that good against Khabib. I am curious to see what the outcome would be on a rematch.. course I REALLY would like to see Tony vs Khabib

  6. It was a thrashing. Won't deny that. However, Conor is completely out of form. I'd love to see prime Conor vs Prime Khabib.

  7. Yeah right he got smashed he was easy with coner in first rounds

  8. I see all the fans of guys McGregor has beaten trashing Chael for talking facts and not trashing Conor like everyone else.

  9. we now know how good conor is, he is miles under the level of khabib and furgeson, both are high elite grapplers, and even both have better striking then conor, furgeson would possibly kill conor in the stand up with his blades.

  10. Dude, you are overanalyzing. Khabib is a class ahead of Connor, obviously. It was like an every day training match vs an amateur for Khabib. Khabib's face wasn't even damaged. It is very unlikely that Connor can close the skill and conditioning gap between them. Next fight Connor will suffer the same domination again. As simple as that.

  11. people nee to stop spreading the never lost a round bs he had done before this fight and had fought alot of 2 round fights pre ufc.

  12. Tony should get a title shot.. khabib absolutely mauled Conor every round, and stood up with him (which everybody said he wouldn't) not only that dropped Conor with a straight right. Conor was completely shut down by Khabib and didn't have a foothold in the fight once.

    Tony's title shot now.

  13. I don't even think Khabib was going full throttle. Seems like he wanted to drag the fight and punish Connor

  14. Chael calls one fight correctly in a decade of fighting and rubs our face in it for 30 seconds to start the next video

  15. Conor has to pay huge amount of money to Khabib if he wants rematch maybe Khabib will think about it.
    CM started the fight inside the octagon and nobody noticed it ??? Fight inside the octagon started after CM attacked Khabib’s brother that wasn’t doing anything wrong but CM hit him

  16. Either Conner suck or he threw that match for money. Or he was going for a rematch to get more money. Conner didn't even try. He had his chin down in that choke he didn't bother moving his arms at all. He always looks like he gonna pass out. Honestly unless he playing some kinda money game. He done. The entire match he seemed like he wasn't trying. His coaches was barely saying anything. Of coarse he prob train with yes men kinda people that don't tell him his real weaknesses.

  17. 4:21 Connor survived, yeah he went into an UFC fight, not a war. You dont get points for not dying in a UFC fight.

  18. Revenge will be completely different, Conor will be there with his boyfriend

  19. We love hotel chael we love training chael but I offer you this, there’s something to be said about freshly dyed hair chael

  20. Shut up with your fake analyse.
    The knock down in the second round was not because Conors hands were down. Khabib forced him to take his hands. Just a second before he clipped him he faked a takedown and threw an overhand punch on the jaw of Conor.
    The 3rd round Khabib wasn't even trying. He tried to fight standing with Conor to knock him down.
    In the fourth round he decided to make an end to the fight.
    This guy is talking garbage. With his condition Conor will always loose.
    Khabib didn't have to smash him in the first round. He just tired him out with takedowns for the long term. That's called strategy. This Channon is such an idiot.

  21. If I was Conor I'd use 1 million in spare change and have the whole khabib crew shot in front of there parents.

  22. I hope chael talks about how Conor threw the first punch before he was attacked and stops calling him innocent and a victim. Watch the replay of when he jumped up and straddled the fence. He punched one of khabibs corner for no reason. The only reason he never pressed charges was because he knew he threw the first punch

  23. Chael has A LOT of material to push out when conor fights and thats just the truth of it, chael knows that khabib stood in the 3rd round just to show conor that he cant do jack shit, chael is a fighter he knows all of this shit.
    By pushing for a rematch chael stays busy for at least 2/3 months pushing out content for his channels and doing interviews, working for espn etc.
    Creating deception for his own benefit. He knows khabib beats conor every time.

  24. conor had no chance. he looked like partyed for weeks insteed of training for the fight of his life. dude was gasses in the third and napping in the forth. let the man party he had his time. now we have a new king. long live khabib

  25. Chael, if e want credibility don’t call a neck crank a RNC, he clearly had his elbow around his chin not around his neck.

  26. Conner accomplished, accomplished, accopmplished so much…to face the inevitable chicken tap.

  27. dude in this sport did u forgot what u said about brazillians … ur the most peace of shit i ever witness in the sport of MMA

  28. Chael, khabib's team already said that his plan was to exhaust Conor and try knock him out. Honestly i think that if Khabib wanted to finish the fight, he would've and he did on the 4th round since he couldn't make that happen on the 3rd round

  29. The ufc shouldn't give rematches too soon hopefully they learned their lesson with tj cody.

  30. conor looked tired on the walk out to be honest. i think he had trouble sleeping the night before.

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