As predicted…Khabib Nurmagomedov won, but I’m not certain a rematch looks the same.

On this episode of Beyond the Fight, Chael Sonnen discusses the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor. Chael predicted that Khabib would remain Champion but makes a point that Conor McGregor could make changes to his game and potentially win a rematch.


  1. conor looked tired on the walk out to be honest. i think he had trouble sleeping the night before.

  2. The ufc shouldn't give rematches too soon hopefully they learned their lesson with tj cody.

  3. Chael, khabib's team already said that his plan was to exhaust Conor and try knock him out. Honestly i think that if Khabib wanted to finish the fight, he would've and he did on the 4th round since he couldn't make that happen on the 3rd round

  4. dude in this sport did u forgot what u said about brazillians … ur the most peace of shit i ever witness in the sport of MMA

  5. Conner accomplished, accomplished, accopmplished so much…to face the inevitable chicken tap.

  6. Chael, if e want credibility don’t call a neck crank a RNC, he clearly had his elbow around his chin not around his neck.

  7. conor had no chance. he looked like partyed for weeks insteed of training for the fight of his life. dude was gasses in the third and napping in the forth. let the man party he had his time. now we have a new king. long live khabib

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