1. Why do the videos shot at this angle have bad audio? Is there another upload of this episode shot from the front?

  2. A lot of the feedback I’d give these stand ups would be take your time. Yeah you only have a min, but it’s a lot harder to fill a min than you think.

  3. Hey Redban stop mic-ing the audience, it's impossible to hear the jokes over the laughter, it's like watching a shitty sitcom

  4. damn dude just got cold roasted for 5 minutes on his shoulders XD joelberg went ham

  5. Dude Dan Donahue. You are funny man. Dude whose dad was a yoga instructor. Keep your head up and them jokes funny.

  6. The black dude at like 25 min was funny until he started being a cliche black comic and making fun of white people. Why is his outfit so athletic but he isn’t.

  7. Kinda think Malcom needs to move on from the show because he has talent so you know he should go use it on his own merit. Usually the regulars have needed improvement so they get advice each episode. Tony never really has anything to criticize.If he is not being critiqued; what is the purpose of him being a regular?

  8. I'm starting a business and have been spending a lot of time working at my desk lately but thankfully these podcast have been keeping me entertained all day! Cant enough kill tony!

  9. 14:42 feminism is Cancer. What kinda sick shit are you talkin about lady?? This is what happens when you grow up without ham hocks in the collard greens

  10. As soon as the 1st standup said "cell therapy" all i could think of was goodie mob.
    "Whos that peepin in my window…..pow….nobody now"

  11. Zip Recruiter doesn't just wait for you to be unemployed it actively works to help you lose your employment!

  12. White people getting black people to sing for them and black people obliging, still, is harmless racism right?

  13. Doctor: There’s good news and bad news…Good news is that your shoulder is dislocated, bad news I couldn’t locate it either.

  14. ive been a very loyal fan and have been to three live shows and i LOVE it all there are a few things i would change if i were tony…. please comment to this and tell me what small or big things that could be changed please comment! im curious to see if anyone has the same "annoyances" that me and my friends have…. (for instance the volume problems we have) TONY IS THE SHIT THOUGH AND KEEP THE SHITTY JOKES COMING MAN!!!! 🙂

  15. Around 30:00 did you hear that guy who did A WHOLE LOTTA Talk about living deep in the hood say that he went to private school his whole life? Why do black people need to ghettofy themselves? Be yourself nibba

  16. check out roast me season 3 on add for more funny david lucas and others! funniest shit

  17. I like David Lucas on the All Def Digital stuff. But why come on Kill Tony just to stunt on everyone. Did he actually want any feedback?

  18. Redban obviously isn't a ride or die co-worker, his jeans must be extra low and loose these days.

  19. im usually very critical of malcom but his set was straight fucking fire tonight, keep it up man

  20. Tony is so cucked. Watch him try to plow a field. He wouldn't know how to feed himself for a week if it wasn't for big-daddy government. Making fun of that chick like she's a Lumberjack….

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