83 weeks #21: Bischoff vs. Flair

When and where did Ric and Eric first meet? When did the “heat” between them really begin? Did Ric try to hold up Eric for a new contract in 1994? What problems existed in 1995? What moment can Eric point to in 1996 when he thinks things started to really fall apart? What was the truth about Ric’s contract in 1998? What about the private plane costs Ric wrote about in his book? What can’t Eric defend today? Did the infamous “locker room meeting” really take place? Why did Eric bury Ric on the Thunder he missed? Was Ric ever fired? Was Eric concerned Ric may show up on WWF TV? How did everyone come to terms to come back together? What was scripted in Ric’s promo from his return? What was real?


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