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The UFC has no plans to create a super lightweight (165 lbs) division as of yet. Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier wanted to fight in that weight class at UFC 230, but the push never materialized into anything. Still, there’s merit to the division, but sources tell me the UFC doesn’t think they have enough card space to accommodate it. If that’s the case, why keep men’s flyweight around? Demetrious Johnson has lost his title, Sergio Pettis is bumping back up to bantamweight and champion Henry Cejudo’s next fight won’t even be in the weight class. I don’t need to see the flyweight division eliminated, but if it’s a choice? I’m going with super lightweight.

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  1. this is a nonsense argument. the 165 division wouldn't knock off the 125 division it would effect 155, 170 and probably 145 too (bigger 145ers would go up if more 155ers left for 165)

  2. This hypothetical scenario is pointless. This isn't the world of "if", this is the real world! The UFC entertainment business follows the money these days. They will eventually realize that the fighters and the fans are correct in wanting 10 lb increments between weight classes. More belts equals more star potential, more super fights and more ppv buys. It is inevitable!

  3. Neither one ,,, 162.5 is the super lightweight limit anyway. Spilt the difference.

  4. I disagree with the idea that DJ would beat up dudes within an inch of their life.

    Like you said, if that idea even exists that guys think "I could beat his ass " then it's a problem, and for sure there's less interest in the sport.

    But you cannot possibly say that a guy who is over 6ft and over 200lbs (and there's lots of them ) that have even rudimentary boxing skills, or basic jiu jitsu, would get their life taken by DJ.

    The chance of them KOing DJ, or just flat out breaking him in two are significantly increased just because of their sheer size, power and durability will eventually begin to close the gap that is created by skill differences.

    If you had a 6ft 5 guy that was 240lbs and had a basic understanding of mixed martial arts, I absolutely think he'd have at minimum a 50% chance of fucking DJ up…

    As opposed to if that same guy fought Jones Jones, and would have probably a 0.001% chance of fucking Jones up.

    It's definitely harder to market guys that people sat at home think they could fuck them up lol.

  5. Wait what… I thought we already had 125 division, isn't that what mighty mouse, and cejudo fight at.

    Then Cruz and all those boys are 135 bantamweights, and featherweight at 145 after that.

    Anyway 165 needs to happen.

  6. 165 without a doubt! It would only effect welterweight but it can be made 175. Woodley cuts alot of weight anyway.

  7. I still don’t know how a grown man over 5 feet tall can make 125 pounds and still have any kind of muscle mass

  8. y'all saying 165 are fucking crazy. 165 would be even more shallow than 125. and it would not solve weight cutting issues either! you would have 170ers killing themselves to get there when it was really made for big 155ers. 155 would also thin out. 125 already has a legacy built with dj and now cejudo beat him setting up trilogy, plus there are still superfights with 135ers dropping to 125. tj vs dj/cejudo, cody vs dj/cejudo etc.

  9. its a good idea, but some of the Flyweights are a little small for Bantam weight. which is a shame. but we really need that 165 division. believe it would be a sick division and would give more spotlight to less known people.

  10. When's the last time anyone has been excited for a 125 lb fight…..
    Exactly 165 all day though I would not mind both

  11. I feel this question is a bit unfair to the smaller guys, but if I'm being honest, I'd rather watch 165 any day. But that feels mean to Cejudo and Mighty Mouse. I'd like to see UFC re-organize and add a number of divisions. Either get rid of 170 and give Tyron 175 title fight w whomever, he'll win, so it doesn't matter, or add around it. The one thing that makes me nervous about that prospect, given how much UFC brass doesn't like Tyron, I'd be worried they'd take his belt, make a new one, and not let him fight for it, which would be terrible imo. Assuming that won't happen, 135/140, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 225, 250+. Those should be the divisions imo. More champions, less scrambling to find good fights, more opportunity for super-fights until that fad runs it's course, and it will prob cycle back around as things often do. And lastly, less excuses for the weight-cut circus that we're seeing now. Unfortunately, there will prob still be some weight issues, which would require harsher penalties to discourage it. These harsher punishments become a lot more justifiable w many extra weight classes though, imo. I feel more weight classes is inevitable as the sport and UFC grows. I'm guessing the hold-up is logistics, and possibly Dana's ego, which is a formidable obstacle. Just ask Tyron and Nate, or Askren.

  12. Welterweight would have to change to 175 though only makes sense tighten up the 15lb gap to middleweight

  13. Would rather have 125. All fresh new fighters 165 would just mainly be fighters from 155 and 170 and would thin both divisions too much.

  14. 165 hands down. 155 and 170 are both stacked. Why is 170 even a thing anyways? 10 lbs every weight class, and then 15 randomly? Also, just not interested in flyweight. Demetrious is awesome, and I'm a big Horiguchi fan, but outside of those two I just have no interest in watching 5'2 guys fighting.

  15. Cutting 125 means they'll probably just get picked up by RIZIN in Japan, and honestly they would probably do a better job managing the division's talent over there. Also the athletes themselves would probably sell better in Japan where there isn't such a size stigma.

  16. Yeah, I'd certainly rather a 165 than a 125. I've been thinking this a few days now. Ever since Dana said it's a card space issue with having too many fighters then Cruz hinted that he thinks they are shutting down 125 I've thought theres the opportunity. Fill the card space 125 would have taken with 165. I'd obviously rather have both, but if I had to choose its 165 all day long. 155 and 170 are the best divisions in the UFC after all imo, so I reckon 165 would be just as good.

  17. this is a ridiculous argument you need both to be fair to fighters and fans… 500-600 fighters under ufc contracts, plenty money plenty room for growth

  18. Question, is the idea to have 165lb and then turn the 170lb into a 175lb to have a 10lb gap between each divisions or to still leave the 170lbs one?

  19. 165 will be full of Welterweights who want a size advantage and faster route to a title and Lightweights who want a easier cut AND faster route to a title. What happens when it doesn't work out? Oh yea, they'll start moving back and forth when they see it's most convenient. Why not call to make LW 160-161 instead? All the same guys can keep fighting eachother and Cerrone and Masvidal can still move down. Alves and Gunnar Nelson can make that. Khabib, Ferguson, Nate Diaz, Kevin Lee and Chiesa can make this weight. 165 is so unnecessary. Keep 125.

  20. 165, and move 170 to 175. 10lbs gap between each weight class. 125 will surely come in the future.

  21. 125 because it covers a weight class that otherwise wouldn’t be represented. While not ideal with the 15 pound spread at 155 & 170 isn’t the end of the world.

    Add 165 & move 170 to 175. If Woodley is as smart as I suspect he is, he now has an easiest weight class to rule and possibly competes in both.

  22. The 125ers dont fight at 125 pounds anyway, Demetrius weighted 145 on fight night

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