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The UFC has no plans to create a super lightweight (165 lbs) division as of yet. Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier wanted to fight in that weight class at UFC 230, but the push never materialized into anything. Still, there’s merit to the division, but sources tell me the UFC doesn’t think they have enough card space to accommodate it. If that’s the case, why keep men’s flyweight around? Demetrious Johnson has lost his title, Sergio Pettis is bumping back up to bantamweight and champion Henry Cejudo’s next fight won’t even be in the weight class. I don’t need to see the flyweight division eliminated, but if it’s a choice? I’m going with super lightweight.

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  1. The 125ers dont fight at 125 pounds anyway, Demetrius weighted 145 on fight night

  2. 125 because it covers a weight class that otherwise wouldn’t be represented. While not ideal with the 15 pound spread at 155 & 170 isn’t the end of the world.

    Add 165 & move 170 to 175. If Woodley is as smart as I suspect he is, he now has an easiest weight class to rule and possibly competes in both.

  3. 165, and move 170 to 175. 10lbs gap between each weight class. 125 will surely come in the future.

  4. 165 will be full of Welterweights who want a size advantage and faster route to a title and Lightweights who want a easier cut AND faster route to a title. What happens when it doesn't work out? Oh yea, they'll start moving back and forth when they see it's most convenient. Why not call to make LW 160-161 instead? All the same guys can keep fighting eachother and Cerrone and Masvidal can still move down. Alves and Gunnar Nelson can make that. Khabib, Ferguson, Nate Diaz, Kevin Lee and Chiesa can make this weight. 165 is so unnecessary. Keep 125.

  5. Question, is the idea to have 165lb and then turn the 170lb into a 175lb to have a 10lb gap between each divisions or to still leave the 170lbs one?

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