You’re Not Alone | This Past Weekend #133


  1. That song he played at the end is just the theme to The Wonder Years with different lyrics.

  2. Hope you really are still doing this podcast in 17 years ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll be watching for sure

  3. truly a troubled souls come to spot..I think you've found your calling Theo Von we all sit down on Mondays for our weekly reality check, let it be tears, giggles or education for the soul keep doing what your doing and keeping it real..gang gang you've created a chain xo

  4. smilez all the way from our dandy city Toronto Mr Theo….thanx for the share always a great pod cast dude

  5. MELTS my ๐Ÿ’“ HEART everytime I hear ya TALK about your MOM Theo!! Sooo GLAD inspite of the PAST that GOD is RESTORING your RELATIONSHIP with her+the HEALING process is finally taking ROOT for you both!!

    Being a single Mom of two children that LOST their father at a young age+having to be BOTH a Mother+Father to my kids too, the stuff you SHARE tugs on my heart strings, RESIGNATES such TRUTH +hits sooo close to HOME for me!! I can RELATE from both PERSPECTIVES, your Mom's, as well as yours too!

    THANK YOU Theo…the things you've shared really HELP me to take a STEP BACK in my own life and really PONDER life from DIFFERENT prospectives and angles, it gives me the ability to VISUALIZE through the EYES of my children… the reciprocal side of our situation and HOW my children may be THINKING or FEELING going through all of this!!

    Hearing about your ROADBLOCKS and CHALLENGES you've faced over the years with the relationship with your own Mother, or about how you've STRUGGLED with feelings of loneliness, inadequacies or not feeling loved by your Mother as a child, REMINDS me to hit PAUSE on my own extremely busy, hectic, stressful, overwhelming+chaotic LIFE…to "MAKE TIME" to "CHECK IN" with my CHILDREN… to REMIND them that "I'm NEVER too BUSY for them and to make sure they KNOW without a shadow of doubt how much I truly LOVE them!!"

    As it's so EASY to get caught up+ CONSUMED by everything you have to accomplish+DO in a day when your playing the role of BOTH parents and having to micro manage + be RESPONSIBLE not only just for yourself, but 2, 3, 4, 5+ people's lives on a DAILY BASIS…in and outside of the HOME!!

    LISTENING to you, OBSERVING how FAR you've come…leaves me with a glimpse of HOPE that there is LIGHT at the END of this tunnel, that I'm NOT as ALONE as I often FEEL and that inspite of mine+ my childrens' UNFORTUNATE circumstances in LIFE…that my KIDS will turn out okay+HAPPIER days are AHEAD for ALL of US!!

    (HARD to articulate into WORDS, but I've always DESIRED that close knit, bond, comfort, security, unconditional love, attentiveness, support, etc from a "TRADITIONAL FAMILY UNIT" like you so often describe you've LONGED for too!! I DON'T think your wrong or selfish for WANTING to find that through HAVING your own KIDS+family someday…as I WANT that sooo much too!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. โ€œHit that tit tat with that chip chapโ€ couldnโ€™t have said it better myself

  7. Theo has such a great memory plus he observes things in a very unique way. He might be some sort of Profit or a Seer, something about him is very futuristic.

  8. "Makin It" another awesome Bishop Gunn song! Powerful stuff!! I love that you play BG on your show! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ

  9. Hey Theo. The vocalist from bishop Gunn has always reminded me of another vocalist – Lukas Graham. They have a song called โ€œFuneralโ€ that I think youโ€™d enjoy. Cheers bro

  10. Theos a damn music video vixon man, hes in all kinds of em lol

  11. A mole is………………. a little bullet point from the devil reminding you to keep your act together or he might give you cancer.

    Thanks Theo ima keep my act together bruh

  12. I have been listening to Bishop Gunn's album Natchez on repeat at work all day. Extremely soulful! I'm normally more of metal type a guy but this album is killer! Thanks Theo for turning me on to this band !

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