Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 464 w/ Brendan Schaub

This week, Brendan Schaub (TFATK, Showtime, Bravo) joins Tom Segura and Christina P. for episode 464 of Your Mom’s House Podcast. Before Brendan joins, the mommies cover some very important topics. For example, is getting your scrum licked something that affects your sexual preference? What if there’s fingers? We read an email from a female fan who’s never seen her husband’s brown hole which is something that requires some immediate advice from Christina.

We revisit the Forest versus Jenny argument as well as Tom’s new favorite show. Tom learns something interesting in that show, which might reveal if Tom is a true psycho. Why is his resting heart beat so low? Is that normal? They also get into Paleo browns from their new diet, respond to those that didn’t like their take on Louis CK and reveal they got an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with someone who was at the show! We air a new prank call from Fart Simpson with Top God, Tom discusses one of his favorite things he’s seen in a while at a McDonalds.

THEN, Brendan arrives! Tom immediately throws Christina under the bus for making fun of using “Tiger” for a name, which happens to be the name of Brendan’s son. The mommies run Brendan through all the new psychos, some Horrible or Hilarious videos, talk about Brendan working like a mad man, his new Bravo show, and what other shows the mommies love. Pull your jeans high and tight, this is an amazing episode!


  1. Lmao I told my fiance I wouldn't marry him unless he showed me his butt hold because I agree it's not fair! We are getting married next August 😁

  2. This is a weird episode…. what mommies out there are getting offended??? Why are the main mommies having to explain shit? 4 Stroke gang don't play that shit!

  3. It's nice you guys support the gay comedians also. Best gay guest yet. I also like how that guest mispronounces words yet speaks for a living.

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