Tyron Woodley calls in to Believe You Me


  1. After hearing Brendan Drawl Schaub talk about how the UFC treats Tyron, I'm actually happy he got an exciting finish against Till.

    Till has a bright future. No worries there

    But no one is beating Tyron ATM. He will only lose via bad KO. Thought Till would take it TBH

    Usman and Colby are the same thing. And they wont beat Tyron.

    Congrats Chanp.

  2. Fuck the other podcast, bisping is the shit, everyone I know thinks the world of Michael he like us reagular people, and he had the right to be a dick he was a champion $$,but still after that he was still MB,and one of the best champions to ever grace the UFC

  3. When I first clicked this video I thought it was gonna be Renato Laranja as Tyron Woodley.

    I am now very disappointed.

  4. Awesome and spontaneous moment having Tyron call in⭐️

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