The Winner of Wilder vs. Fury is Anthony Joshua’s Next Fight? | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Brendan on what we learned from Anthony Joshua vs. Alexander Povetkin, why it wasn’t popular, and why Joshua must face the winner of Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury.

BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.


  1. Brendan Schaub is an idiot. Canelo is the face of boxing and Mayweather revolutionized ppv sales in boxing. Joshua isn't shabby but he's not them. Let Wilder recognize he's the B side and the fight will be made.

  2. What does he mean nobody cares….when did wilder till out a 90,000 seater stadium multiple times….idiot

  3. Wilder is the number 1 champ in the US that's all he is saying other than that yea AJ made a boat load of cash but aint no one in the 🇺🇸 really feeling this English muffin he needs to fight Deontay. #💣 Squad for all yall wack folks who ain't wit Wilder

  4. You are talking thrash! Look at AJ's casualties. High profile boxers, Olympic Gold medalists etc. Look at Wilder's casualties: security guards, motor-park touts, 'area boys' etc. Fighting Wilder is not the ultimate. AJ has a career program and has to follow his team's plans, not your mouth! When the time comes, Wilder will join the queue of AJ's casualties. There is no rushing.

  5. Your just pathetic. Team Joshua has done all they could to get a fight with Wilder but forge his signature. He has 3 of 4 belts in 22 fights and continually fights the best of the best. Your boyfriend Wilder is a hype job and a duck. Fuck your show.

  6. I understand wanting wilder Joshua but smashing dazn a brand new company was clearly company man shit bro. They just started what do you expect.

  7. Ever heard of Lennox Lewis? Where did he fight again?? Oh yeah, in America. Lewis is revered as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time because he wasn't scared to fight anyone, anywhere. Joshua has never fought in front of a hostile crowd, he needs his safe space to be able to compete against lesser opponents. Joshua is scared to lose his undefeated status and would rather take easy paydays in front of home crowds than actual test himself against the best. Until Joshua steps out of his comfort zone and faces Wilder his fights will continue to be regional affairs.

  8. Can I ask you happy paying £100 for a box office event? Do you think this is right. Wilder can't sell out arenas mate. I'm.nkt hating on wilder I like him. I agree they need to fight but you think Fury wilderness a good fight? I dont. At least this new platform is trying to give a service at a good cost not like what you guys have at the moment. AJ was ordered to take the fight you should know this , who has wilder boxed? Come on this just needs common sense mate.

  9. Lmao if your from the UK you know how good that night was, we don’t need the Americans approval. Don’t get me wrong the more the fans the better but never ever think we’re dependent on the US.

  10. It doesn;t make fox sports etc, because USA fighters suck now. When I was growing up USA boxing ruled. USA sports only care when you are winning.

  11. WIlder has the contract to fight Joshua. Wilder refuses to sign it. Date and venue sorted, Wembley Stadium, April 13th 2019. Why won't Wilder sign?!!! Someone please give him a pen. 👀

  12. Sounds like Bitter Brenda didnt even bother to watch the fight but hes ok sat in his little pink chair and talk shit about it. I know he hangs off Wilders dick but christ he just sounding like another fanboy now. Cant give any credit to Joshua for knocking out Povetkin of all people.

  13. Showtime viewing figures in the USA
    Wilder vs Ortiz – average 1.1m viewers streamed live.
    Joshua vs Parker – average 346k live and 430k for the replay, total 776k but could be some overlap from viewers that watched both.

    A Brit and a Kiwi with nearly as much pull as an American and a Cuban in a population of 325m. Considering there's approximately 2.5m Cubans in the USA for Ortiz, those are not great figures.

    Regarding Canelo v GGG; there's 36m Mexicans in the USA (not far off the 55m English in the UK) and yet Joshua v Povetkin still sold more on PPV in a country of 250m fewer citizens.

    And finally… 4.3m people in the US each paid $90-100 to watch Mayweather beat McGregor.


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