The MMA Beat: Episode 204


  1. Luke, the Wilt Chamberlain movie was Conan The Destroyer, not the Barbarian. I'm so disappointed right now.

  2. What they should do is have Joe Rogan interview both of them kind of like the sit-down that Max Kellerman used to do with boxers back in the day

  3. Black Beast and Jacare for win celebration!! Can't believe none of these donks mentioned it!

  4. the fictional characters.
    Excluding comics, how about T-1000! Okay, more realistic:
    Charles Bronson's character from Hard Times.
    Many of Chuck Norris' characters.
    The Drunken Master.
    Drew Barrymore in Firestarter.
    Patrick Swayze's character in Ghost (as a ghost).
    Patrick Swayze's character in Red Dawn.
    Randall Flagg.
    And Billy & Jimmy Lee

  5. Only people bagging the fighters for suing are the fake tough guy casual bandwagoner keyboard warrior Conor fan boys

  6. You guys don't think that Fabricio Verdum popping for steroids is going to affect his legacy? Well, youre wrong.

  7. the only person chiesa should be suing is his barber. you fight for a living. get on with it.

  8. Oh Danny, Struve is garbage. No fight IQ and never took advantage of his reach. Arlovski fights for paychecks. He's nowhere close to a title contender.

  9. What do you mean you're skipping another week. I think this is the biggest thing I miss about Ariel being on the show is the consistency of shows happening.

    I feel like the level of commitment isn't there.

    I understand I may be missing something.

    But this is why podcasts like @theweasle are doing really well.

    If it's going to be every other week just say so and that way if you do it in the middle it'll be like a bonus.

    But please get some semblance of consistency.

    Thank you. And can you also bring Jeff back for a show?

  10. Hunt is playing the long game. Ex… Brock wins vs DC. Now Hunt can slip in there and fight for the Belt.

  11. not sure why i initially liked luke. less than a minute in and hes been rude. he seems to enjoy being rude. i like passion but flat out rudeness is grotesque

  12. Seriously is it m or is it weird Ariel hawani and Luke are both the biggest sissy bleeding hearts and are the two biggest mma journalists

  13. Luke let other people talk without disrupting lol. Chuck would be a better host I think

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