The MMA Beat: Episode 203


  1. Woodley is nowhere near the deserving of a Mayweather comparison.. Wtf is wrong with MMA media??!!! Mayweather built his name on trash talking, pre fight hype, and DEVASTATING hand speed PURE EXCITEMENT in the ring.. Woodley is a pre fight gentleman, PC "fight analyst", and Woodley was never hyped. He had to sit out a year just to force a title shot vs Lawler because he already boring and got destroyed by Rory.. Flat out blasphemy!!! Mayweather didn't become boring until he was past his prime and 44-0.. Luke, you have to stop the music and drop the hammer down on blasphemy, immediately and without mercy.

  2. Till fights arent the most exciting either he has quite a few decisions what he has 1 or 2 finishes in UFC, yet they acting like he the next mcgregor he hasnt been running thru ppl

  3. Rose..PTSD is no jk, don't doubt it. I recommend Tetris..proven to reduce & eradicate PTSD in the mind..something about fillin' in the gaps, completing the line, & moving on to the next, it trains our brains to do the same, its wild, & it works.
    The best modern versions imo are Tetris GrandMaster 3: Terror Instinct by Taito & Puyo Puyo Teris by Sega..the Japanese have perfected the Tetris algorithm, but I consider Russia to be Eurasian, on the same level. myself, being blasian..catch myself in 'the sunken place' ..distance, displacement from the present trauma is crucial. past trauma: Tetris.

  4. I like how Luke Thomas is trying to be a good interviewer now, asking questions actually – instead of blurting out his opinions – but about half way through he can't help interrupting the people he is interviewing (so excited about his own opinion) and throughout he interrupts them to tell them to hurry with there answer – better though Luke – better! Keep trying

  5. 46:00 ..ok, relax Luke. WWE x UFC didnt work, UFC x boxing did work, very lucrative. UFC x social media personalities? just for entertainment & bottom-line views, profit, we'll see. Northcutt may likely crush him, or Logan Paul & he's squad of rubes, cheerleaders, etc. makes it competitive, & it brings newbs to mma.

  6. //im sure WME & ESPN, know what their doing tho'..they are hollywood & sports entertainment promotions, period. they know, its the dog days of summer closing, attention spans are shorter, promotional tours & chatter, 2 months in advance, not needed today. the hardcore, our calendars are already marked. the casuals & rubes, only need that weekend notice to ppv, they already know its Conor, so they'll buy for the moment, Conor creates moments that leads to socializing, so the bars, fight parties, they know this is it. pushing it on them too soon, no advantage.

  7. ..frankly, im disappointed this fight isn't in Moscow, but I understand..Russia can't chance Conor beating Khabib, in front of the Russian people, pride is on 10.
    ..better off having it later this year in New York, where the 'beef' started. why in boring Vegas..a NYC Garden match, I wouldve fvkd around & flew their to see it live. im not fvkin with another run of the mill Vegas venue for this fight, its so uninspiring to have this authentic mma bout, in Vegas. have it in Ireland.
    the tactics @ UFC are..different.. since the merger..Dana got his millions, in cruise mode, no strategy beyond WWF & boxing tactics,

    its not my business but, I do wonder, if you spend a million dollars each birthday, 2 years in a row now, what will you do next year, & after, youve set the bar so high, anything less from here out will hurt his son's feelings, who's now depending on this to boost his social life &'s money, his friends are impressed, how will they look at me if its not as big next year? the ultimate spoil..but i get it, Dana's been busy for years, men, we like to throw money at people, to make up for lost emotional time, day to day, i totally get it.

  8. 35:00 ..dude..there's no beef w/ Conor & Khabib, the bus stunt was marketing to get UFC on the news cycle..yet, you actually want more WWF fake stunts to build up this fight? how wanted Conor to get back to real mma fights, he takes this fight w/ Khabib just for legacy, doesn't need the money, he's doing this just for us, the purists & hardcore, beat an undefeated contender, he's focused on training, but you want the circus act still? his lack of instagram posts frustrates you? wow.

  9. Did these guys see woodleys last 3 fights. Stupid comments about him being one of best all time, makes your show silly!!!

  10. Luke ruined this show….cant listen to his voice and rambling university MMA talk

  11. Please get rid of the new guy. His points are so bad and he is so annoying. Luke and Danny are awesome though!

  12. I have to totally disagree about the McGregor/Nurmagomedov promotion. I can do 100% without the b.s. "hype". I'm not interested in the soap opera aspect or another "gotcha!" quote from McGregor (or 'medov). Let's not forget the fact how many times 'medov has had a fight catered to him, location, promotion, only for him to pull out!

    I think ufc is just hoping he shows up to the fight and why waste promotion bucks on him. People that know him will buy the ppv and those who don't, don't care because he's not an engaging personality. He's boring.

    McGregor did his part. He took the bullet to have that bus promo for the lead up to the fight. He's the one who is going to get the ppv buys. 'medov win or lose, is just along for the ride. If he does win, his ppvs will do a quarter, if that, of what a non title McGregor against anyone would do.

  13. Yes Logan Paul is very athletic way more than average person Luke, was great in at least a couple of sports in his high school, which might not be Super athletic on a world scale but yeh it's pretty noteworthy in his chances of fairing as more than a complete joke in mma. Way more than your average diabetic gas station attendant Mr Luke

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