The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 396


  1. God damm thereโ€™s a lot of desperate/thirsty ass dudes in this comment section.lets settle down on this kat is hot shit.shes nice but nowhere near beautiful,gorgeous,hot, sexy. Shes average at best.
    so all u thirsty ass dudes need to settle down or actually get off YouTube and get urself some pussy. If u canโ€™t get it on ur own then go pay for it. One way or another,you need pussy so u can stop slobbering over some intern on a podcast. Smhโ€”The thirst is real ppl !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The r word? Chin lost a little respect for being a bitch and not saying retarded. Theres no way I'm holding the word retarded on the same level as nigger. It makes sense to use the word when something is extremely stupid, it doesn't mean we are degrading people who are retarded

  3. Ever since Schaub went Hollywood he turned so fucking gay! Skinny Jean's,talking about other men being dime pieces, Luke Rockhold being hot WTF! Talks about bleaching his asshole ,Callens Dick, He would suck Mcgregor's cock if he had the chance SMH! How is this goofy looking spic doing comedy, dudes not funny , I will tell you, He is and will always be riding Joe Rogans wave , he would be working in a gym holding mitts if it wasn't for Joe Rogans Podcast! This CTE Mexican looking dummy better come out the closet because nobody wants to hear him talk about his corny clothes, his gay weekend , or hot guys , I hope he gives his child the HIV he got from taking in his bleached asshole in Hollywood! This goon isn't even tough, youtube Schaub getting knockout funny AF , We all know your a spic so admit that too, Rogan is responsible for this faggat, His career will fissile out soon as gay shit comes out.BTW Callen is super washed up old not funny, and had a shit career everyone knows they fuck eachother WTF dude! Fuck Hollywood. Sell your soul & asshole for what YouTube views?

  4. I'm down for TRT chin and TRT callen. Lets get some G involved (shaub knows whats up). Callen needs to sack up and be ok with a loss to the tall rangy serial killer chin. Just let it happen you fuckin gay owl

  5. I know you sick fucks were on the edge of your seat to find out Kat's last name only to find out there's millions of Kat Li's on Instagram

  6. Bryan, stop saying the latest joe rogan podcast is the greatest of all time, its not, love ya buddy

  7. Yeah Bry man, I think youโ€™re right on with focusing on the guy being 16 rather then what he supposedly did.
    I mean certainly if your girlfriend told you that say, Chin for example, back in high school pinned her down in a back room at a party and held her mouth closed then started trying to pull her panties down but luckily was stopped by another guy – youโ€™d be like โ€œWeeeell Iโ€™m not gonna fire him now, that happened when he was 16.โ€

  8. Ok who was ready for a dark uncle abuse story from Cat and felt disappointed? Not saying I would love that she had been abused but when you say I have an uncle story as a kid, that's usually where it goes.

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