The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 394: Theo Von


  1. Pretty impressed that I'm just hearing story repeats. 1.) I've watched dozens of hours of Theo over the years, even my friends tell me the same stories in less time 2.) As much as I love him, part of me thinks Theo improvs his "stories", and this made me think they're real

  2. Theo looks like the host of a yoga show for gay hunters.

  3. I thought i met a viet guy but it was just a mexican guy who been in a fire, the fuck who the fuck just says that so casually theo is a god

  4. Brendan and theo on tuesdays and chris and brian on thursdays = #1 podcast

  5. You look like the guy that will not retire from Hot Topic LMFAO ><.

  6. That bee sting, rat king combo bruh. Come get you some!!!

  7. This is BRILLIANT as always 😁 too many comedic barz to even mention 😂

  8. can we please get Theo and Chris on the same podcast

  9. “There better be a small boy with a mouth full of olives ready to touch my asshole” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. DEAD

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