The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 391: Chris D’Elia


  1. Hey Bro, yeeeeuh grown men telling jokes!!! You can’t talk shit on grown men rhyming! Hahahahah

  2. The crypt keeper fucking killed me got me historically laughing my ass off at work!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I wana like Chris but he's just such a knob.
    I can totally see him Dutch ruddering himself to death!

  4. Chris D'elia looks like an unsuccessful street juggler.

  5. It's such a small thing but it irritates the hell out of me….
    All because of the BS political debate on climate change, now people like Brian say things like the "scientific consensus", when Science is absolutely NOT BY ANY STRETCH done by consensus!!

  6. Best straight man/foil combo in the game. Don't @ me with some Downtown JP kombi weeabo shit neither! lol

  7. Mgk clap back was great. Rip to him and his family. He's a marked man. His membership has been revoked. Excommunicato

  8. He's starting to feel like Cook, just saying. Don't take it personal lol…

  9. This is a fact, I can’t listen to Congratulations while working out cause I might drop weights on myself due to uncontrollable laughter

  10. French Paul bunion? Oh macaroni grill waiter today. Gotcha. Another all nighter, great.

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