The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 390


  1. watching these two analyze normal people.. "so what do people do during labor day?"

  2. That's that Paul Bunyan gay right there. Just came in from a long hard day of chopping down some DICKS.

  3. You been doing it 2 years I am. Really really happy brendan shut your fuckimg mouth that's true friends right there bro haha funny

  4. I would actually watch Celebrity Bodyguard with Brendan Schaub. you would play like a really useless/famewhore body guard that can still fuck people up when he really needs to. it would be hilarious. you must now do it because youtube comments are legitimate as fuck

  5. These guys don't get the purpose for body positivity and body diversity in the media. The whole point is to throw away beauty standards. Why should men or magazines dictate what women's ideals are? They aren't glorifying obesity. There's a difference between enforcing a beauty standard and body diversity. At what point did you see physically fit models lose their jobs?

    I also don't see why fat people should be suicidal all the time. Lots of people are fat and incapable of changing for decades if not all their life without assistance and assistance is hardly ever available. Being fat isn't about laziness, btw. No one would choose to be fat in a world who tells them they are worthless. Laziness in general is likely a chemical imbalance or a lower functioning thyroid. It doesn't help to shame addicts because there's something physically off about their bodies. Depressed people are lazy as shit and it doesn't help to depression shame. "Lazy," is an ignorant term from when no one understood mental illness and brain chemistry dysfunction.

    And men aren't doing the same thing because it doesn't matter when a straight man is fat. Most women aren't prioritizing a man's appearance. Men don't have to be beautiful in any way to get girls. There are way more famous fat men, than there are famous fat women. Are those lazy out of shape men who write themselves a bombshell girlfriend in movies and TV, encouraging men to stay fat? What's with the double standard? Are you trying to control women for your own pleasure or something?

    Also, no one should be losing weight to try to look like a fitness model in a magazine. You'll never meet that standard without a team of aestheticians and photoshop, then you'll just get fat again because you wanted to be beautiful and you don't have it. Plus, most people who were fat and lost weight develop dysmorphia. They'll never be satisfied with their appearance because their brain is so used to seeing problems.

  6. Brendan the type of dude to ask the plumber to run him a bath

  7. Comments used to be fun on this podcast.. We get it, some ppl don't like Brendan. But ur watching, coz their dynamic makes this particular podcast what it is. If you only want Bryan listen to the Bryan Callen Show (great podcast too), but these two together are gold which has been shown by their popularity and longevity. Get off the Hate Schaub train or just get out coz ur jealous jabs are truly monotonous and tired. 🤷‍♀️

  8. could Chin be AAAAANY worse at his job? Lol let me get a one day tryout, TFATK will never be the same

  9. ya i couldnt find anything about this guy taking pills then turned gay. another fake story from brian.

  10. Brendan, you monologue about teenage attire too much to tell Bryan his stories are too long.

  11. I don't think Woodley is gonna go for takedowns since he hasn't gone for one takedown in his last 4 fights

  12. They looked so uncomfortable after the Bert joke. It looked like they were trying very hard to hold in their laughter.

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