The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #616 – Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli


  1. What waste of time listening to this LAME tripoli! WHY keep bringin them on ???????????!!! this show is falling off bad! UNCLE JOEY wake up !!!!!!!!!! a whole week to get someone on n THIS is what WE the LoyaL Church fam get! feelin like the same cokehead stories r gettin tiring with tripoli n joey! bravo is a serious example of CTE gettin clocked n dropped on his head all the time made his dumbass believe the world is flat!! come on!!! this is the same bullshit they talk about everytime they are guests! this shit is getting sad n not funny anymore!! association with tripoli will make u slow as fuk!!! n make ur comedy senses dull as fuk!!! that fart thru the funnel ARI gave him is proof hes a shit ass wanna be comedian!!!! THE CHURCH IS TALKING AND YOU R FASTLY APPROACHING MUNITY JOEY! STEP UP UR GAME JOEY N LEE!!! THIS IS SAD!!

  2. Joe! Ask Mr Bravo to put some highlights of need to know conspiracy shit up on here!!

  3. Kick that fucking mule cocksuckas its monday sling some dick, throw some side kicks for jesus and dont forget your A FUCKING AMERICAN , stay black.

  4. did yous know a ceo of google is married to the woman who made 23andme sketchy…………………..

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