Should BJ Penn Continue to Fight? | Luke Thomas

The legendary B.J. Penn will continue his fighting career when he takes on fellow jiu-jitsu ace Ryan Hall at UFC 232. However, should Penn even be fighting? He has as decorated a career as any fighter and before I go into MMA media as a career, Penn was my favorite fighter. But he also hasn’t won since 2010 and has looked vulnerable in recent performances.

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  1. When they announced BJ penn vs Cole Miller I thought that was a decent matchup. Then they changed it to Ricardo lamas and I was like oh no… Good thing that fight was cancelled but yair might have been even worse. When we are having conversations like this, thats when you know he shouldn't be fighting anymore.

  2. BJ Penn will not be happy until he's turned into a veggie. Enough bro you don't have shit else to prove.

  3. BJ Penn one of my all time favorite fighters but mannnn it's time to hang it up he doesn't even look like a fighter in the octagon anymore, his stance, body, ability shit is just gone

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