Not every compelling matchup has to be a UFC title fight.


  1. Carlos is an animal, one of my favorite fighters. Im glad he decided to come back.

  2. Condit is on his way out, and has been for sometime. Chiesa will never be anything more than a lowly ranked top 15 fighter. Great fight, but neither guy will ever contend for a belt again.

  3. A rare Chael has been spotted roaming the streets offering unsolicited opinions on MMA to innocent bystanders. Cease this madness

  4. Michael Chiesa's biggest problem is dealing with the pressure of fighting in front of millions of people. he also gets triggered hard from trash talk. this is a great fight. i dont see michael knocking condit out or even stunning him. i also dont see chiesa submitting condit. it will come down to if condit can hurt mike or get the decision.condit is well past his prime. he's still one of my favorite fighters.

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