Nocturnal Emissions | This Past Weekend #127


  1. It's amazing that guy has created so many fake YouTube accounts to beg people to help keep him alive…."please..I..I.. have a child…I need to feed my family…boo..hoo." grown ass man acting like a 2nd grader, grabbing and scratching at everyone on his way to the bottom…I don't care but that's what it is.

  2. well theo u acted like a bitch to owen and thats a fact stop trying to fit in with hollywood what kind of friend throws someone under the bus like that

  3. Thanks for taking my call Theo, my aunt Kathy would let me and my cousin listen to whatever we wanted as loud as we wanted and she would just smile. Abd yeah it was a cassette for sure, we even had Def Leopard on vinyl!! Love the show homie, keep it moving b!!!

  4. Hey Theo! I just happen to be an engineer’s assistant. I’m only 22 so you definitely have at least one, young learning engineer listening! Love you bruh, much support coming from Southern California

  5. Lol 2 mins in and Theo is already on them dark arts gettin that microphone titty fuck HITTA in!!

  6. phyc nurse listening Mr Theo… and>>>> you<<<< blow my mind every cast….your this crazy nurses therapy….wink

  7. I get that crotch itch. Between leg and balls. Balls never itch. Just that crevice. Fuckkkkkk itches! Gold Bond

  8. That was dope how your brother popped in real quick Theo, you should get him on the podcast!!!

  9. Every Monday I look forward to This Past Weekend! It’s the only adult entertainment I get to watch before my girls wake up. Love you Theo!

  10. Awww Owen's baby bears are out in force. Why would Theo acknowledge some dude that's baiting him for the express purpose of coming on his show? Owen is a disinformation machine with some good intentions, that's it.

  11. The inside of my nuts itch too, and I scratch the hell out of them then my ball sack burns from the friction

  12. I love how much you share esp Abt your ur gonads. Theo you are so unique, pleasantly different, & def not a bad Daniel. I love you, when I feel bad which tends to be more times than not, Theo Von is the only voice, the only soul, the only person who can shake me outta it, or keep me from falling off the edge. You & I think so much alike I get it & you my dude are THE Man. Peace & Love from Colorado. Since u were wondering Abt who listens.. I am a married 46 yr old woman, who still looks good, loves to be outside, thinks outside the box, has an odd sense of humor. I try to rehab dogs who were abused & have PTSD or just trauma injury. I like flying kites cuz I love birds but I am not a proficient kite maker. Sorry. Peace, Melissa in CO

  13. I’m 22 bruh from Memphis bruh I ain’t out here sellin fake birds but I am out here driving cross county listening to your posnca

  14. Unfortunately I can relate to the commitment thing far too much. Glad to hear you're working on it — I am older and pretty much fucked. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS IN FULL EFFECT OVER HERE. gang gang

  15. Why does the comments look like a bunch of teen girls trying to start drama between two people. Better yet why do I care? Damn comments.

  16. To this Bear cult, look it's obvious you aren't actually listening to his podcasts especially this one. This is a real man struggling with himself and his own issues and being extremely sincere about all of it. Ya'll need to look yourselves in the mirror before you cast stones onto others, especially things that have nothing to do with you.

  17. Hey Theo was actually doing some reading the other day and from what I got the first dimension would be a line second dimension would be a kite or a piece of paper and the third dimension is a cube or box but the fourth dimension I have no fucking clue haha great video

  18. Been having a really rough week and the only thing that instantly made me feel better is seeing that Theo put up a new Monday hittah

  19. Who the fuck gets seasonal jock itch? Wtf nasty shit you on? That’s some serious nasty pussy you hittin.

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