Nate Diaz, Dustin Poirier Use UFC’s Tactic Against Them | Luke Thomas

Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier are scheduled to fight at UFC 230, but with no known main event, the two took to Twitter to make a case for their bout being promoted to the main event as well as to be the inaugural title fight in a new 165lbs weight class. What’s the lesson here? Fake news can be valuable, especially when fighting fire with fire.

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  1. Why was Diaz ranked so low before McGregor fights

  2. Now they fight each other….it sucks and it’s awesome at the same time. I thought Dustin was gonna take out Conor, way back when…..I’ve had a high opinion of DP for some time……but I’ve come to believe he has a bit of trouble with southpaws, especially rangy ones. MJ n Conor took him out pretty decisively, and Dustin even had more trouble than he should with a worn out jim Miller….. Nate is a true southpaw in every way, and def rangy. Dustin relies on power to turn fights around sometimes, but that will probably be absorbed by Nate’s solid chin…..I don’t see DP takedowns……He’ll probably go with kicks and movement, but he’ll have to do it going backwards and getting countered. I think Nate has got this…. I hope Dustin is making bank with this one.

  3. So what they going to do with the 170 class because it should have been 125 135 145 155 165 175 185 205 and heavyweight should have been that way anyway

  4. The Diaz brothers talk about "wolf tickets" all the time, you'd think their fans would recognise them being sold when they seen it xD Not happening. Simply trying to use public pressure to force Danas hand said it from the start. And it won't as neither are named Conor McGregor.

  5. Neither Nate, Poirier, Yoel or Gustafsson have the X factor to headline a MSG card. They are co-main event guys or contenders in main events, like Conor vs Nate, Bones vs Gustafsson.

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