JRE MMA Show #42 with Teddy Atlas


  1. Schaub: ey joe conelo won that fight by 3 rounds but it was supper close man
    Joe: really schaub I thought triple ggg won by 2 rounds
    Schaub: I agree Joe ggg just about won that fight

  2. I wanted to disagree with his Mike Tyson opinion, but he's right.

  3. Just rolled a fatt joint….. ridding around and getting stoned like a gravel road…..listing to jre…..life's good right about know…

  4. Hey Teddy, I was lucky enough to live through the 80's and 90's boxing era and have switched more to watching MMA these days. Still, I find myself getting pissed off at times when I hear young MMA fans talk about how "boring" boxing is simply because they're too lazy to watch the all out wars of the old days. You can't watch those fights without being amazed at the heart those guys had.

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