JRE MMA Show #41 with TJ Dillashaw & Duane Ludwig


  1. Bad ass fuckin color esp the color for a bad ass good dude so happy he beat that bitches ass again lol

  2. Don't worry Duane, Brandon Shwab can't say Tyron Woodley's name either.

  3. I just realized that tj dillashaw has Super Saiyan 3 eyebrows… ain’t no one stopping the man

  4. I am about to start training under mathee Jadeepitak!!! I don’t have much i a support system so I’m bringing it to YouTube comments very excited

  5. Joe "I believe the 8 people who say Marijuana helps their pain but not the 30M people who say chiropractics help their pain" Rogan

  6. Joe is not good at expanding the technique talk of the fighters. He doesn't know or changes the subject when TJ trying to explain his techniques and secrets. Joe is not interested in detailed techniques

  7. Dillashaw vs cruz 2 lets cut the bullshit and make that fight, have moraes fight assuncao and cody vs sterling

  8. There is so much that Joe doesn't understand about chiropractic care and the evidence that backs it up. I really wish he would have a highly educated, motivated, and experienced chiropractic doctor on the podcast.

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