JRE MMA Show #40 with Eddie Bravo


  1. Ok. But do you know how long it takes to get a white belt in capoeira?
    You have to be contra master for maybe 15-30 years.

  2. "Lawler never gets knocked out" yet he went faceplant from a Nick Diaz jab

  3. wow, I never knew eddie could have such a boring podcast, and Im an MMA fan, I would have preferred for him to go off about something more interesting though. Joe must have had a talking to him before hand to tell him not to talk about anything besides mma or else he wont have him on the podcast again… I know Joe is a company man and all about not stepping out of line but it is sad to see how scared he is of youtube, I mean you're fucking joe rogan, who cares if you get demonetized, you're basically a billionaire and as far as getting deplatformed, thats not even close to being on the table. The outrage over Alex JOnes getting platformed would be nothing compared to what would happen if the same thing happened to joe. I know its pretty much to be expected at this point, but after so many boring podcasts in a row, I was like fucking finally! eddie bravo, no way this will be a shit show! It was better than average, an ok mma podcast, but man, I was sitting there the whole time thinking, ok, so they are just building up to talking about something more interesting and then joe is like Ok, I will let you get outta here… Like wtf?

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