Jon Jones USADA Suspension: What’s Next? | Luke Thomas


  1. I saw your tweet on Instagram & it's the best summary of this whole JBJ thing. We will all watch. Everything else is white noise. I have no need to see Jones beat up the fat kid a 3rd time even for HW belt. I do want to see an encore to the sublime Gus vs Jones. Mildly curious to see Jones thin legs and calves next to Lesnar.

  2. dang jones will be remembered for a lot of things but a snitch?

  3. Jones is a snitch, this doesn't clear him. 14 supplements tested and 0 came back contaminated.

    At some point Luke needs to come to the realization that Jones is the biggest cheater ever. He isn't the goat he's the RAT.

    If peds didn't help win fights then fighters wouldn't use them.

  4. In a nutshell, how will and should the UFC and particularly Dana White react and behave going forward to the news that JJ has received a reduced suspension in return for cooperating with USADA? I'm not passing any judgement on Jones–I'm not in a position to–but instead I'm far more interested in the complexities of relationship management and Dana White's personal code of ethics.

    My guess is the UFC and Dana badly want him back to headline a card because he's good for business. Yet, I also suspect Dana White comes from a background and environment where being 'a rat' is one of the worst 'çrimes' you can commit plus he may want to discourage whistleblowing as that is conversely bad for business.

    Other fighters will no doubt want to see what tack he takes: take the money by booking Jones into a main event fight, which would be a de facto endorsement of him or see him as the equivalent of locker room cancer, best tossed out of the organisation as soon as possible so as to avoid important fights being cancelled because of Jones testimony.

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